The Pook Family
In November 2003 I published a book on Redhill history containing some information about two members of the Pook family who lived in the town in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Since then more information has come to hand from three of their descendants who have been reseaching their family history. One is Deidre Pook Magarelli, who lives in the United States, another is Terence Pook who lives in the UK, and the third is Patricia Payne, also in the UK. Below is the material from the book plus more pictures and information concerning the Pook family. More material and/or information would be welcomed by Deidre, Terry and Patricia, who may be contacted below.
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Thomas Pook and Ann Sparshot Pook, the parents of William Pook. Willliam went into business in Redhill and lived in Warwick Road. Date of pictures unknown but possibly c1870 (Both pictures courtesy Deidre Margarelli Pook)
It is believed that five sons were born to Thomas and Ann Pook at Buriton, Hampshire. The family was from true farm labourer stock as perhaps is evident from their dress style. In spite of this background, and possibly because of the introduction of machinery onto farms and the subsequent reduction in the need for labourers, son Charles became a railway signalman, son John went to the docks at Portsea and son Thomas became a village grocer at Otterbourne in Hampshire. Son Mark died aged thirty. Son William was baptised on 20th July 1832 at Buriton, Hampshire and when grown up ran a drapery shop in Tunbridge Wells with his first wife, Mary Gammon. She was to later die, and with his own children all left home (and themselves going into the drapery business) William remarried, this time to Catherine Bachelor. They moved to Redhill and went into business with a Mr Lampard, again running a drapery business, but this time also a grocery and clothiers. He was later to become a coal merchant as well. With Catherine he had more children, all girls, the last two twins. Prominent in the Gospel Temperance Mission, the meetings being held at his Station Road premises. Some reversals in business later in life were said to have created a need for more modest accommodation but whether this referred to business or home premises is not clear. The only home address found for him in Redhill is at 4, Chesterton Villas, Warwick Road.
William Pook 
Right: - A large Pook family group, location is unknown, date c1890 (picture courtesy Deidre Margarelli Pook)
Identities: -
William Pook (hat on his knee) and his wife Catherine Bachelor (hand on his other knee) are seated centrally. Working from left to right around the outer semi-circle the other people in the above picture are as follows: -
Katie Pook (seated) wife of William jr
William jr (with watch chain) son of William snr and his first wife
Ann Pook, daughter of William snr and his first wife
Girl on Ann's knee is Madge Pook, daughter of William snr and his second wife Catherine
Margaret Pook (holding hat) daughter of William snr and his first wife
Catherine Pook (white dress) daughter of William snr and his second wife Catherine
Elizabeth? Gunn, sister of Thomas Pook's wife Marie
John White, husband of Alice Pook
Alice Pook White (with John white's hand on her shoulder) John White's wife and daughter of William snr by his first wife
Thomas Pook (arms folded) son of William snr and his first wife
Winniefred Pook (white dress) daughter of William snr and his second wife Catherine
Marie Gunn Pook (light dress with two black vertical stripes) wife of Thomas
Seated behind Willam snr and Catherine is Nell Pook, daughter of William snr and his first wife.
In front of William and Catherine are seven children as follows: -
On William's right is Lillie Pook, his daughter by his second marriage to Catherine
On Catherine's left is Jessie Pook, also hers and William's daughter
The centally positioned girl with long hair is Olive Pook, Thomas's daughter.
he four children in the front are from left to right:
Ronald A. Pook, son of Thomas Pook
Harold Pook, son of William jr
Leonard Pook, son of Thomas Pook
Stanley Pook, son of Thomas Pook.

Part of the article
from the Surrey
Mirror newspaper
reporting the death
of William Pook.

The above is a list of people in no particular order. Below is a fuller and more ordered summary.
Note:- Those shown in orange not in above picture
William's children by first
marriage to Mary Gammon
Additional information
Mary Ann


William jnr

Ellen Lucy
born c1882, worked at Handley's department store at Portsmouth.
born 1862. Draper at Kingston.Married to Marie Gunn, sons Ronald (went to America),
Thomas, Gerrard, Stanley and Leonard

Married to Katie, son Harold (who became filled with religious fervour and invented a cylinder operated braking system for cars described later on this page)
born 1864

Married to John White
William's children by second marriage to Catherine Bachelor 
Catherine (Carrie)
Jessica (Jessie)
born c1884 (twin)
born. c1881
emigrated to Australia
born c1884 (twin)
born 1883
Other people 
Elizabeth? GunnSister of Thomas Pook's wife Marie
The report of the death of William Pook from the Surrey Mirror of Saturday March 7th 1908. (Explanatory notes in brackets)
The General Report
It is with great regret that we have to announce the death from appoplexy of Mr William Pook of Redhill, in his 76th year. Deceased,who was born at Petersfield, Hampshire, came to Redhill in 1871 and joined the late Mr Lampard in the business in Station Road of grocer, draper and clothier, some branches of which he has carried on since. He leaves a widow, two sons and six daughters. On Wednesday evening he attended the annual meeting of the Redhill Men's Own (a men's religious organisation) of which he was vice-president, held at the Congregational Church, where he seconded the vote of thanks to Mr Tudor Walters, M.P. On Thursday morning he travelled to London on business, and returned to Redhill at about 3.0 o'clock in his usual health. Early on Friday morning he was taken ill and passed away just before 8.0 o'clock. The late Mr Pook was prominently identified with local affairs. Formerly he was a member of the Reigate Town Council, as well as of the Redhill Board of Guardians (oversaw matters of the poor). For many years he had been connected with the Redhill Wesleyan Church and was treasurer of the Wesleyan Women's Slate Club, as well as manager of the Wesleyan Day Schools. He was also associated with the mission work at Nutfield (a village two miles from Redhill). He took a great interest in educational matters and was a member of the Borough of Reigate Education Committee up to the time of his death.
 William Pook
he Memorial Service "At the Redhill Wesleyan Church on Wednesday evening, the Rev, Jabez Ingram (Superintendent of the Redhill Weslyan Circuit), preaching from the words "Well done, good and faithful servant", made touching reference to the bereavement the church had sustained in the loss of Mr Pook, who was a good and faithful servant, and pre-eminently a man of God, one who served his Master in his generation. He was deeply interested in all good work, as was evinced by the active interest he took in the village work at Nutfield, and the Men's Own at the Congregational Church. In him the poor had a friend, for he was always willing to sacrifice himself for others' good. Both in his business life and private capacity he was a man of prolific influence , and an example to younger men. It was pathetic to think that on the previous Sunday he was worshipping in that church, but it was a glad recollection that he was forever with the Lord."The Congregational Church in Chapel Road, Redhill, and its minister the Rev Leggatt
Those Present at the Funeral " The Redhill Weslyan Church was filled to overflowing on Tuesday afternoon with a deeply sympathetic congregation, the large gathering including not only members of the church with which the deceased gentleman was identified, but representatives of the many religious and public bodies which had felt his ennobling and inspiring influence. Besides the Rev. Jabez Ingram, the Rev FJ Bomford, the Rev J Telford and the Rev AH Woodnutt, there were also present the Ven Archdeacon Daniell (from St Matthew's CofE Church), the Rev. Andrew Leggatt (from Redhill Congregationlal Church), the Rev. JJ Barber (Bletchingley), the Rev,. Ross (St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Redhill) the Rev. Cripps (Horley Baptist Church), Capt. Brodie (Salvation Army), and the Rev. George Davies (Redhill Baptist Church). Others present included Mr J Selwyn (representing the Almshouse Governors, Mr Pook having been the Council's representative on that body), Mrs Harley and Mrs Squire, N.B.W.T.A., Messrs J.B.Crosfield, H.Gurney, T.S.Marriage and Miss Ashby (Society of Friends), Mr W.Conolly, Mr and Mrs Rees, Mrs Coper, Mr and Mrs S.Gare, Mr and Mrs S Chapple, Dr Gilbert, Messrs A.E.Duncalfe, W.Jarret, E. Burgess, J.H. and P.H.Hughes, G.Hall, J.Needham, G.Vosper, W.Hickinbottom, H.Harker, J.Green, H.Fowle, J.Cooling, R.S.Nicol, J.Stevens, T.R.Hooper, W.M. and M.Grice, T.S.Hayward, Chas. Marriage, Horace Payne, W.F.Wilkinson, W.J.Handscombe, J.Perring, W.A.Harding (London and County Bank), A.W.Venner and G.J.Swann (Redhill Stationmaster) - (Many of those above were Redhill business people)Station Road, the Wesleyan Chapel on the right
The Internment and the Chief Mourners The internment was at Reigate cemetery where there was another brief ceremony. The chief mourners were Mrs Pook (widow) Mr William Pook (son), Miss Pook and Miss N.Pook (daughters), Mr Tom Pook (son), Mt Charles Pook (brother), the Misses K., I., L., and M., Pook, Mrs W.Pook (daughter-in-law), Messrs Andrew, James and Alfred Gammon, Miss W.Pook, Master H.Pook, Miss Olive Pook, Miss Briggs, Mr John White, the assistants at Redhill and Horley, Miss Sinden, Mr W.Cook and Mr Jeal.
Harold Pook and His Invention
The newspaper cutting about Harold Pook and his invention

16 year-old Harold Pook, the son of Mr William Pook, studied applied motor car mechanics and in 1910 submitted a design for a hydraulic braking system to a London motor engineering firm. His design employed a cylinder to work the brake but the London firm felt that this was too complicated. A circular tubular system was designed to replace the cylinder and it was hoped that extended trials of the invention (applied only to the front wheels of cars because this was supposed to prevent skidding) would be carried out. What happened to the Pook invention is not known but it seems that it was years ahead of its time, for until the 1930s brakes remained operated by cables. As vehicle weights and speeds increased this system was replaced by hydraulic systems in which the brake pedal operated pistons in master cylinders connected by flexible tubing to individual cylinders on the wheels. Front and rear hydraulic circuits were separate - which description sounds a great deal like Harold Pook's invention.

Harold Pook
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