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Below are photos and such information as is known about the persons coloured in red on the above tree . Further pages on this site will provide similar information about issue of some of the above plus other branches of the family.
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Joseph Henry Brown is standing 4th from the right in the back row. Picture date c1905-10.
Note: - The Football Club History Database shows 'Brandon Social' as a club existing from at least 1939. After WW1 it seems to have been known as 'Brandon Social, 'Brandon Welfare', and 'Brandon Colliery Welfare', and played in the Northern League and Durham League. Was Brandon Rovers the forerunner of this club?
Joseph Henry Brown (right) with unknown man.

What was the event?

Joseph Henry Brown (centre) with sons James (left) and Joseph, and believed to be at 7, Woodhorne Road.
More Information about Joseph Henry Brown
1. His father was William Brown.
2. He was issue from his father's 1st marriage
3. His mother was Alice McKay
3. His father's 2nd marriage is said to have been to his housekeeper, Mrs Thursby, from which union was produced one daughter, Ada Brown, about whom there is no further information.
Joseph Henry Brown with granddaughter Margaret
and dog Rex c1940

This from a newspaper cutting:  Joseph Brown  7 Woodhorn Rd Newbiggin – Husband of Mary 68 Years old – died August 13th.  To be received St Aiden’s Catholic Church Ashington Wednesday 8.30 am Reqiem Mass,  Funeral at 2.30 pm. Acknowledging the birthdate of Joseph as ….1881 this would make the year of his death as 1949.

Mary Brown nee Tiernan, the wife of Joseph Henry Brown. She was born in 1885 at TynedockMary Brown nee Tiernan with her granddaughter, Mureen Watchman. Mary died at Newbiggin in 1967
The marriage certificate for Joseph Henry Brown and Mary Tiernan Picture 7 (certificate)
Pictures of places familiar to family members in the north of England appear at the bottom of this page


Mary Brown. The Photo was sent by Brian Brown (see photo 16b below) who writes: - 'The notes on the back of this photo state that she was 10 years of age; however I feel that she would be nearer 6.  When we saw her last she did tell us that she was born in 1924 and this pic states that it was taken in 1930 which sort of adds up'.
Mary aged about 17. On the left she is with the family dog and on the right she is with her brother Joe.
(Both photos from Brian Brown)
Mary Brown in WAF uniform, precise date unknown but clearly early 1940s (photo from Brian Brown)Two photos of Mary Brown (same but one in colour) in WAF uniform on 31st March 1943. (photos from Brian Brown)
Mary Brown married Billy Watchman on 13th November 1943
A charming portrait of Mary Watchman née Brown
(From Chris Atthey)
Four of the children of Mary Tiernan and Joseph Henry Brown appear in this picture. William Brown is standing 2nd from left, John Brown is 3rd from left, and James Brown is on the right. Their sister, Mary Brown, is seated 2nd from the left. Those remaining are Mary's husband, William Watchman, standing left; Gladys, wife of John Brown is far left; Sadie, the 2nd wife of William Brown is 3rd from left; Elaine, wife of James Brown is on far right. The brother missing is Joseph Brown, who appears in picture 3 above
Mary Watchman, née Brown, at her home in Newbiggin, on the 1st October 2004.Brian Brown and Mary Brown (Watchman)1 June 2010
(Photo courtesy Brian Brown)
16cFrom l-r - Dorothy Shorey, Brian Brown, Mary Watchman née Brown and his wife Pauline.(Photo courtesy Brian Brown)

Sadly, Mary Watchman passed away on Tuesday September 20th 2011 aged 88

This chart shows the family extending from William Brown, the eldest son of Joseph and Mary Brown
18Left - Margaret Brown (later Howe), the elder of the three children of William Brown and May, as a baby

Margaret married Bob Howe, Pictured right in his navy days

Margaret Howe,the elder of the three children of William Brown and May, in a charming portrait with one of her own childrenMargaret and daughter DorothyIn the background of this picture of Margaret is Billy Watchman and his daughter Maureen
Bob Howe is holding son Vincent; Margaret is holding their daughter DorothyMargaret Howe at Fairhaven Road, Redhill, Surrey on the 25th August 1989. The occasion was the funeral of Gerald BrownMargaret and Bob with Mary Watchman 4th February 1999
Bob Howe with Vincent and DorothyMargaret HoweDorothy and Vincent
Margaret at a party for her and Bob at her daughter Dorothy's house 1.10.2004Dorothy on the night of the party 1.10.2004Margaret again on 1.10.04 with nieces Pauline Brown (left) Muriel Moore 1.10.2004
Vincent and son Robert 1.10.2004Vincent and Julie on their wedding dayMargaret and Bob's son Anthony as a boy
Patricia Brown, the second of William and May's children, with much loved dog Lassie, a Christmas gift to Brian Brown (Patricia's younger brother) from Grandfather Edward WilliamsonPatricia's first husband was Ken McGill, shown here with their son ChristopherPatricia's second husband Norman Atthey. Here they are with all of the children. Christopher from the previous picture is front left
Pat with her son, Norman (later to be known by his middle name of Rob) by Norman AttheyThree of Pat's children by her 1st marriage to Ken McGill, l-r Karen, Christopher and Bryan.
They have baby Norman in the pushchair
Pat's daughter Kathleen, also by her first marriage, here shown with Amanda, Norman Atthey's Granddaughter by his first marriage.
This tree relates to the third of William and May's children, Joseph Brian Brown, usually known as Brian
William Brown on leave in 1945 with his son Joseph Brian (left) and daughters Patricia (right)and Margaret (far right) on Blyth beach. (photo courtest Brian Brown)Mary (May) Brown, wife of William Brown, on Blythe beach
(photo courtest Brian Brown)

May (Mary) Brown's parents, Helen and Edward Williamson.  Helen died quite young (45 years) and is interred at Newbiggin church yard. An 'In Memoriam' Family Bible page mark in the keeping of Brian Brown reads... "In Loving memory of Helen, Beloved Wife of Edward Williamson, who departed this life October 22 1924, Aged 45 Years.". Interred at Newbiggin Church Yard...the following verse completes the page marker..."Oh we miss her and how sadly-bleeding hearts alone can tell, Earth has lost her heaven has found her, Jesus has done all things well". 
And this from a faded although legible news paper cutting that read “ Edward Williamson – 3 King Georges Road Newbiggin, died June 1st (no year) aged 79 years, Beloved husband of the late Helen Williamson late of Stakeford.  Interment Newbiggin Church Yard – Methodist Church, Service 2.00 PM.
Edward and Helen had three daughters, Sadie who married James Cowan. (they had two sons Eddy and Norman - see Muriel Moore's reminiscence of Eddy below), Florence, who married Bob? (name unknown). They had a daughter Helen and May (Mary) Brown who married William Brown.

(Above info from Brian Brown).

  William and May's youngest child was Brian Brown, pictured above with his sisters Pat, left, and Margaret
45 46 47
Brian spent a number of years as an engineering officer in the merchant navy, mainly on routes between the UK and Australasia. Here he is in distant climes. Brian advises that the picture shows him when he was 4th Engineer on board the TSS Gothic in Wellington New Zealand.  The Gothic's claim to fame other than being a comfortable ship to sail in and work on was that it was used as 'The Royal Yacht' between the 'Victoria and Albert' and the 'Brittania'.A more formal pose from Brian taken after his first trip to sea in 1959.Brian's first marriage was to New Zealander Sonja Elliotte Tully
Their son, Mark, was born 14th July 1967Mark Brown married Michelle Grace McKay on 3rd July 1998Mark and Michelle's daughter Alecia Grace, born 27th November 1998
Mark and Michelle's daughter Katelyn Emma,
born 14th December 2000
Brian Brown married Pauline O'Neil in 1974 in Liverpool, Pauline's home town. These six photo's show them shortly after at 9 Fairhaven Road, Redhill,Surrey, the home of James and Elaine Brown.
Alan Moore, Muriel Moore (nee Brown), Pauline and BrianMuriel Moore and her Father, James Brown.Pauline with Elaine Brown (nee Daglish) and James Brown. Who the person out of shot left or the blonde in the foreground are is not known.
Brian and Pauline have two children, Caroline, born ?, and Carl Joseph, born 7.5.81.
Julie Brown, Carol Brown and Brian Brown at the house of Dorothy Shorey (nee Howe) at Whitley Bay in 199?Brian pictured same date as leftBrian Brown's family: L-R son-in-law Terry, daughter Caroline, son Karl, wife Pauline, and Brian himself.
Brian's daughter Caroline and her husband Terry.Caroline and Terry's son Stephen JosephCaroline and an older Stephen Joseph
58For a little more about the Aussie Browns go to http://ourbeautifulboy.weebly.com(photo courtest Brian Brown)
Pauline aged 60  


As shown in the family tree above, Willam Brown married twice. William Brown's second wife was Sadie Brown (nee Barber). They were married at the Methodist Church in Chopwell on Saturday 26 July 1975 and lived at 8 Scott Terrace. Chopwell.  Sadie died in 1998 and is survived by two daughters, Merle and Joan, and a son, Duncan.
A 1970s family gathering. On the left with his hands on the shoulders of ????? is Billy Watchman. On the right with his hands on the shoulders of his wife Paticia (Atthey nee Brown) in Norman Atthey. The four people in the back row between Billy Watchman and Norman Atthey are: - Unknown, Gladys (wife of John Brown), Joseph Brown and John Brown. Standing in front of Joseph Brown is Muriel Moore, nee Brown, daughter of James Brown (not pictured). The four ladies in the centre row are: - unknown, Mary Brown, Pamela Tracey, nee Brown, daughter of James Brown, Viol;rt Rosser, nee Brown, daughter of James Brown. In the front row l-r are Mureen Robinson, nee Watchman, daughter of Billy and Mary. Two of the children are Debbie and Tony Robinson, names of the others are unknown.
Pictures of places familiar to family members in the north of England appear at the bottom of this page
Brian and Pauline Brown's 2010 visit to England
Brian and Pauline came from Perth, Australia, to England in May 2010. Here they are on a visit to Wisley Gardens.And at the viewpoint on Colley Hill
Brian with Sarah Brown May 2nd 2010Brian and Pauline with Muriel Moore May 2nd 2010
Brian Brown visited his Aunt Mary (see pictures 11-14) at North Blyth on 31st May 2010. Photo left shows Dorothy (Brian's niece, see photos 21 and 31), Brian, Mary and Brian's wife Pauline.
Brian and Pauline at Newbiggin
At the Evolution Festival in Newcastle 1st June 2010. From l-r front Pauline, Christine (Dorothy's daughter) and Brian. l-r rear Vincent and Julie Howe (see pic 34, their wedding day)Brian and Pauline
Robert (Rob), Vincent’s and Julie’s son (Dorothy’s nephew) and his girlfriend AnnaRob performing
At Newcastle l-r are Brian, Vincent Howe, Julie Howe and Pauline.Brian and Pauline
James and Elaine Brown
101James Brown married Elaine Daglish. This chart shows ancestors of Elaine plus the children of James and Elaine

For certificates for some of those in the top part of this tree see below

The marriage certificate for the marriage of John Lumley and Isabella Colvin in 1861
Email received March 2008 from Simon Loftus.
I have been tracing my family tree via the genes reunited website for about 6 months. Approximatly 6 weeks ago I made contact with Jean Blackburn (the lady who pointed me to your web page). We are both the great great grandchildren of John Lumley and Isabella Colvin; our great grandmother is Catherine Jane Lumley ( Mary's sister ) and our grandparents our her children John Will (Jeans tree) and Margaret (my tree). Thanks to your webpage I now have a link to another generation via the marriage cert of John and Isabella (ie Isabella's father).
The 1862 birth certificate for Mary Lumley, daughter of John Lumley and Isabella Colvin. Mary was the maternal grandmother of Elaine Daglish, wife of James Brown
The above copy of the birth certificate of Thomas Collins Close, maternal grandfather of Elaine Daglish, is difficult to read even when scanned at higher resolution so the details have been copied out below it. As was common in the middle of the 19c many people did not read or write so his mother has made her mark and the registrar has confirmed it is hers. She gives her former name as Collin, which would seem to be a mistake as from her son's names it would certainly appear to be Collins
The certificate for the birth of Albert Daglish, Elaine Daglish's father, on 20th November 1889, gives the address of his parents as 286 Dacre Terrace, Morpeth - is that house still there? The occupation of his father was a brewer's traveller. From the tree at the top of the page it will be seen that Albert Daglish had several brothers and Violetta Close had one. If they had issue then it is possible that there are relatives bearing the Daglish and Close names still living in Morpeth, the surrounding area or elsewhere in the country (also be true for other branches of the family, of course). As mentioned in the notes above the siblings of Albert Daglish are wrongly named. Where this information originally came from is uncertain but a look at the 1901 census shows the following: -
Address - 5, Maritime Place, Morpeth    
WilliamHeadBrewer's traveller46Morpeth
PhillisWife 44Cambo
Thomas DSonAerated water maker16Morpeth
WilliamSonGrocer's errand boy14Morpeth
AlbertSon 11Morpeth
JohnSon 9Morpeth
Vera QDaughter 7Morpeth
Robert HSon 5Morpeth
Mary JaneDaughter 2Morpeth
From the above it looks as though William Daglish was born 1854/5 and Phillis was born 1856/7. The next step is to obtain their 1883 marriage certificate (I applied for this 24.12.04). This will give the addresses of both and their father's names, then they can hopefully be looked up on the 1881 census and more information obtained. If their birth certificates can also be found then their mother's names can also be discovered. As we will then be getting close to the 1837 beginning of registration of births, marriages and deaths getting back further will require looking at parish records.
Note that the four brothers of Albert may well be the ancestors of quite a few Daglish relatives alive today. Descendants of Vera and Mary, although having different names, would be equally related to us. This is borne out by the following email received December 2004: -
'Just to let you know that my g.grandmother Elizabeth Nelson's sister Margaret (b. 1841), was married to a William Daglish (b. 1841) Morpeth. The family can be seen on the 1881 census, dwelling Dacre Court.  You will notice the son is also a William age 9.  I was wondering if there could be a connection?  The other names on my tree are Jobling and Drydon.   I went to Morpeth in the summer and the Dacre Court area is now a supermarket, but if I go again I will look for Dacre Street. I'm afraid I don't very much about this family - only names, but would like to find out more.   Regards, Suzanne (Brodrick).' 
From this we might speculate that the William Daglish referred to might be 'our' William Daglish's grandfather, as his son, also William and aged 9 in 1841, would have been 23/4 in 1854/5 when our William was born. This of course would mean that Suzanne Brodrick is related to our family current generation via a link going back 5-generations. But this is, indeed, pure speculation, what we need is verification, so there is more work to be done. Either way their is probably a relationship as Suzanne's ancestors were in Dacre Street, ours are known to have been in Dacre Terrace. Contact with Suzanne will be maintained.



Albert Daglish is 2nd from the left in the centre row of the above picture. An enlargement appears on the right. The picture is on a postcard that has sadly suffered considerably from the ravages of time, it has even been used as a shopping list. The cation reads 'Grocers v Butchers football teams', and the date is either 1906 or 1908. As Albert was born in 1889 he would have been aged between 17 or 19 here. (I've tried repairing the crease mark on the smaller picture but image deterioration occurs each time so I'll have to try again using a better method)
Albert Daglish holding his granddaughter, Muriel (see further below) in 1944 when she was 3 and he was 54Albert with his wife, Violetta, and their daughter DoreenVioletta, on the left, and her sister Mary Close, who married John George and became the mother of Muriel George and Owen George. Mary appears on the family tree above but her husband and children do not.
Albert Daglish is on the right with his brother, Thomas, alongside him, face unfortunately partly obscured. Violetta is front centre. Tom's wife, Dorothy, is on the right and his daughter, Mamie,
is left.
Albert and Violetta outside their Ashington home 
From the right - Albert Daglish, wife Violetta, daughter Doreen, and Muriel, daughter of Violetta's sister Mary who is far left.On the right is another of Violetta's sisters, Edith. On the left is Edith's daughter, also Edith, and in the centre her husband, first name unknown but surname Brennan. This picture was taken on a visit to Australia, presumably by Violetta to visit her sister (but this is not certain) and also presumably taken by her,
115The citation on the left reads as follows: -

The War of 1914 - 1918
21530 C.O.PI.S. A.Daglish, 6th Bn. R.Innis. Fus.
was mentioned in a despatch from
General Sir E.H.H.Allenby, G.C.M.G, K.C.B.
dated 23rd October 1918
for gallant and distinguished services in the Field.
I have it in command from the King to record His Majesty's
high appreciation of the services rendered.

The citation is addressed from the War Office in Whitehall, London S.W., dated 1st March 1919 and signed by Winston S. Churchill

James Brown is shown in picture 16 in Egypt during WW2. In order to join the RAF he had to get permission from the pit boss at the colliery. Once away from the pit he decided that he wasn't going back again and moved to the south of England immediately after the war, staying at first with relatives at the farm on the Earlswood Asylum estate. By 1947 he had been allocated a council house at 9, Fairhaven Road, Redhill, Surrey. It was perhaps more of a shock for Elaine to have to move 300 miles south away from all of her family, but in Redhill the family settled. Their first two children, Muriel and Derek, had been born in Ashington in 1941 and 1946 respectively. Seven more children were to follow, all born in Redhill, Surrey between 1947 and 1958, most of whom still live in the area.

Places in Northumberland connected with the Brown Family, including Ashington, Newcastle, Morpeth, Whitley Bay and Newbiggin.

References on this page are to people connected with Brown Family History pages parts 1 and 2
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One of these flats over the top of the shops was where Albert and Violetta Daglish parents lived for a while. The house on the right in Ashbourne Crescent, Ashington was also where the Daglish family lived. Muriel Moore (nee Brown) has fond memories of playing in the garden as a child and Derek Brown was born there.
Ashington High Street in 2004 The Co-op in Ashington where Albert Daglish was manager
The other part of the Co-op, where Elains Daglish worked, was opposite the main building (see also picture right) This picture of the Co-op where Elaine Daglish worked looks to have been taken in the 1940s or 50s
Statue of Jackie Milburn in Ashington High Street Ashington colliery as previous generations would have known it
Plaque in the High Street The disused colliery tracks curving away to the left
Old Ashington
The market place in Morpeth c1890. At the top of Oldgate Street, next to the marketplace, can be seen a detached stone tower. It has a clock and a peal of beals dated 1705. It was once a gaol but by 1900 was used as a storeroom by the corporation. On the left is the town hall, its basement at the time of the photo being the egg, poultry and butter market. The river Wansbeck forms a boundary on the east, south and west sides of the town and is crossed by five bridges. The parish church is about a mile from the town square on Kirk Hill.
A winter market at Morpeth c1890 Morpeth town hall and clock tower in the main square around 1930
The stepping stones at Morpeth that Muriel's Grandfather, Albert Daglish, used to take her across several years before the picture for this 1950s postcard was taken. The stepping stones at Morpeth on 1.11.2004 with Southern members of the Brown family crossing
Muriel Moore (nee Brown) at the stepping stones 1.10.04 The stepping stones at Morpeth from a postcard that was postally used in 1904
Oldgate Bridge, Morpeth Elliott Bridge, Morpeth
Sweet jars in a Morpeth shop window, something you don't see down south  
The Central Station Hotel (now known as the Royal Station Hotel) where Muriel George worked for many years.  
The Church on the Point at Newbiggin with the church visible in the distance A close-up of the church on the point at Newbiggin Bay
Newbiggin Church in days gone by Looking back to Newbiggin from the Point
Could family members be among these people enjoying the sun and air at Whitley Bay in years gone by? Two views of St Mary's Lighthouse at Whitley Bay from old postcards
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