My Grandmother's Photo Album
My Grandmother was Elizabeth Matilda Griffith, nee Piddock. She was born in 1884, died in 1951 and lived all her life in London.
Here she is aged seventeen in 1901
Photo Nye & Co, 16 Walworth Road
A little older, perhaps just before she was married to my grandfather, William Griffith., in 1910
Photo Henry Bown
Elizabeth Griffith aged 52 in 1936
Her photo album survives but no-one in it was identified. My mother, Elizabeth's eldest daughter, was the only person later able to make a few identifications, which are captioned to the photos below. Unfortunately there were too many people that she did not recognise. All photos are numbered for reference and in where known the name of the professional photographer is noted in the caption
Here are some of the people my mother was able to identify
Alice Cooper, nee Griffith, and her family. Alice was the elder sister of Elizabeth's husband William Griffith.Photo by A.Simmons, 258 Westminster BridgeAlice's eldest daughter and clearly recognisable from the previous photo
Photo Henry Bown
Another Alice, this time Elizabeth's sister, Alice Piddock. Here she is with her friend Miss Lucas, possibly taken before her marriage
(Photo by Grant, Calendonian Studio, Newington Causeway)
Alice Piddock probably a little later than the previous photo
(Photo by Alfred Hughes, Strand)
Elizabeth Matilda Griffith at the rear of her house at Smith Street near Kennington Park before 1924,Elizabeth's husband William Griffith (my grandfather) in his younger days
Photo by Cruikshank Taylor & Sons, London E.C.
K.A.F.C. 1911 it says on the ball. K.A.F.C possibly stood for Kennington Amateur Football Club. The man far left in the cloth cap is Jack Piddock, brother of Elizabeth Griffith.
Same ball but some different team members. Jack Piddock is again far left in the back row and another brother, Fred Piddock, is 2nd from right in the back row. Fred was killed in WW1.
Sue Westlake, my grandmother's neighbour next door but one in Smith Street
John Doldin, first child of Elizabeth's youngest daughter Lilly
A possible identification  
 Possibly William Griffith's brother Tom
Photographer Wards of Brixton, Battersea and Chelsea
Here are three people who remain unidentified but who have family resemblences
This woman bears a resenblance to Elizabeth's daughters Marjorie and Hilda. The photographer was Henry Bown and from research into the dates of his studios this photo was taken between 1897 and 1920. Dress style very similar to photo 21Could the man at back right be Elizabeth's husband William Griffith? See also photo 9.
I pressed my mother on this one because to me it looks like Alice Piddock, but Mum never identified it as her. (see also photos 6 and 7)
(Parisian School of Photography, Old Kent Road)
Curzon Studios, Statford E.Photo by Cruikshank Taylor & Sons, London E.C.(same as my grandfather in photo 9)Dress style very similar to photo 15
Photographer Henry Bown. This Bown CDV has no addresses on so could be an earlier photo than the others.
Photographer Henry Bown, various addressesPhotographer Henry Bown, various addressesPhotographer Henry Bown, various addresses
Photographer Henry Bown, various addressesPhotographer A.Simmons, 253 Westminster Bridge Road.F.Dowdall, Brighton Photographer
Photographer Henry BownPhotographer Grant, Newington CausewayPhotographer Henry Bown
Photo by Tower Bridge Photo Co, Tower Bridge ApproachPhoto by F.Blake, 132 Camberwell RoadPhoto Hellis & Sons, various London addresses
38One neighbour has been identified, are there more among the above? If so which are the neighbours or friends and which are relatives? Were these all the photos my grandmother had or were there more? Was it always her album or was it passed down from a parent? Elizabeth Piddock had five sisters and three brothers who could be among those pictured. There are few older people pictures who might have been her or her husband's parents, perhaps photo 21 could be of one of them. And there are none of her own children. It's a shame that the answers will now never be known but if anyone veiwing this page has any comments to make about anything here I would be pleased to hear from them. Alan Moore November 2009
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Photo Hellis & Sons, various London addresses  
This memorium card was also in the album. Possibly this was another neighbour but I cannot be certain of the name. It could be Christian Van Julyess. None of her parents or grandparents had this name. In 1906 Elizabeth was aged 22 whilst the deceased was 68. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. East London Cemetery records would probably give the answer.
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