Redhill, Reigate and Area
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On July 1st 1913 airship 'Delta', one of three army airships - the others were 'Alpha' and 'Beta' - made a forced landing at Salfords with rudder problems. While repairs were carried out crowds gathered along with photographers who captured the scene. The above are two of at least three pictures of the airship and the crowds that flocked to the scene.
The gondola of the airship 'Delta'.Airship 'Delta' photographed from the upper window of a house in South Albert Road, Reigate, on 10th October 1913
Jack at Reigate Railway Station 
Batts Hill, Redhill 
One of the ancient roads in the area Batts Hill was an extension of Wray Lane, bringing the traveller from the top of Reigate Hill to the junction with Linkfield Street and the route on to Nutfield and Bletchingley. Considering that some roads in Redhill received little or no attention from the photographer in the 1st decade of the 1900s Batts Hill came in for more than its fair share of attention.
Scenes came either plain . . .. . with a boy at the gate . . .. . . . or a man at the gate.
With a lady . . .. . . a horseman . . .. . or with snow, as in this picture from a very chilly April in 1908.
The lodge, now Denmark Lodge, was not left out.Nor were the more picturersque cottages at the bottom of Batts Hill . . .. . . or Batts Hill House at its top.
Firemen at Betchworth early 1900s.The Reigate Road and the Red Lion ub
Billingsgate Market, Redhill 
Billingsgate Market in Redhill? Yes, but only for two weeks in 1939. Many London firms realised that their business operations might be more secure if carried on away from the capital. Some came to Redhill and Reigate, one of the best-known being Billingsgate Fish Market. It came to the old brewery buildings at Linkfield Corner. The reporting of the matter at the time referred to the new location simply as 'a quiet country town' as there was good reason not to release precise information.   Fish dealers' trucks lined Cromwell Road and the bottom end of Linkfield Street, and probably Linkfield Lane too. The trawler owner's Association and its allied bodies refused to send their trawlers out unless they were assured that catches would receive normal marketing. The porters were unhappy away from their normal sites and wanted to return to London, and the railway companies special fish services were not easily adapted to the small rail centre. On September 20th Mr Morrison, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, told Parliament that Redhill was too far from major railheads, and the product was too perishable to spend extra time in transit. Normal trading resumed in London on September 25th 1939. In the first picture above a police constable stops traffic as porters cross the top of Station Road to waiting vans, and in the second picture porters unload fish from vans in Linkfield Street.
Blackborough Road, Reigate 
Penfold's Monumental Masonry Works, Blackborough Road.The site of the works in 2008 with only the building far end of yard remaining
Bridge Road (Upper), Redhill 
A fine old cast iron railing end post made by Marriages of Redhill
stands at the junction of Upperbridge Road and Linkfield Street
Upper Bridge Road in the 1920s (Picture courtesy Tony Abrahams)
Canada Road, Redhill 
Canada Road was built during WW2 to enable military traffic to be moved from the A25 to the A23 by a shorter route than going through Redhill. The road was camouflaged, and the concrete blocks were to support the camouflage supports. 
Bill Gumbrel dressed as a dandy in a 1930s carnival procession in Garlands RoadThe carnival in London Road in the 1960/70s.
The pub on the left is the rebuilt Sultan.
Carnival in Hatchlands Road, year unknown
Chapel Road, Redhill  
The junction of Chapel Road and Redhill High Street, showing the Roman Catholic Chuch of St Joseph's with its presbytery beside it and school behind. Further up the hill can be seen Redhill Congregational Church. (Picture John Eede)The Congregational Church Hall can be seen in this picture of the church. Redhill Library was housed there in the 1940s.An older picture of the Congregational Church. No building had yet been erected on the plot in the foreground, although it looks as though it is pegged out. Chapel Road was built on ground purchased by the Railway Company which, having built the London to Brighton line, sold off the surplus.
Clarendon Road, Redhill 
Map of Clarendon Road when its southern part was just a path around a nursery 
Dorking Congregational football winners 1910 
Fire Brigade, Croydon Road, Reigate 
In the 1980's an aeroplane was delivered to Reigate Fire Station for training purposes. These photographs show the lorry carrying the plane in Gatton Road at the point where it meets the top of Colesmead Road after a delay due to a puncture. (All four photos courtesy Chris Chatfield)
First Aid 
The Colman Cup winners 1908 
Flanchford Mill 
Flanchford Mill, painted by Tatton Winter 
Kerri School, Reigate 
The rear of the Kerri School, Reigate 
Linkfield Lane 
Linkfield Lane in days gone by 
London Road, Reigate 
National School, London Road, Reigate, 1854
Masons Bridge Road, Redhill, 1987 
Winter 1987 (Picture courtesy Brian Burrows) 
Meadvale School, Somerset Road 

An aerial view of the Subrosa caravan park. North is to the left of the photo. The area was originally part of a farm and the road leading into the site from Battlebridge lane on the left was the old farm entrance. In 1951 the area was still farm but the caravan park, with the social club at its centre, had been laid out by 1959.

Photo courtesy Chris Chatfield

Monson Road, Redhill 
Amos' premises and yard in Manson Road, Redhill 
Nutley Grove, Reigate 
The Gospel Hall, Nutley Grove 
Park Lane, Reigate 
The Lodge, Park Lane, Reigate 
Employees of Ryall and Edwards, date unknown (Picture Brian Burrows)Scouts 1974 Reigate Fire Station-Go-Karts Champions. Peter Burrows
is in  number 7
(Picture Brian Burrows)
Photo of two local policemen by Snook of ReigatePhoto of unknown gir by Dann of Redhilll
Redhill Redevelopment  
A 1980s view from London Road across land on which shops and the Sultan pub once stood and Cecil Road ran across at an angle. Here only the Surrey Mirror buildingand St Anne's remain. The foreground is now the site of Sainsburys.
(Picture courtesy Brian Burrows)
Redstone Hill Area  
A view taken from Hillfield Close showing the Fine Art Press building before it was demolished and replaced by houses. St Anne's stands proud in the background. (Picture courtesy Bob Sargent)A view to Cavendish Road from Hillside Close
(Picture courtesy Bob Sargent)
The tunnel entrance at the end of Cavendish Road
Redhill Junior Technical School
Redhill Junior Technical School staff and boys May 1931. Sent in three parts they are shown enlarged below. Picture sent in by Brian Burrows who says; 'The only names I know are, middle section, middle row standing 5th from left, my father, Tom. Front row standing 5th from left George Offen. Top row,5th from left, Victor Peters, who was killed in action in RAF, 1943'.

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Whilst looking at your Redhill, Reigate History Website I recognised a photo posted on the Redhill, Reigate and Area Page. The photo is of Redhill Junior Technical School Staff and Boys dated May 1931. On the right hand section, on the second row (behind seated), second from right is my husband's father Philip Gilbert Frederick Selby (1916-2009), the Family also have a copy of this photo although it is undated.
The Selby Family lived for many years in Cecil Road before moving to Kent in 1968 due to the flooding of Cecil Road. 
With regards  Christine Selby
June 2013
Salfords in the 1920s/30s 
Something Different 
A sign outside Redhill, Australia 
St Bede's School, Colesmead and Gatton 

An aerial photo of Bishop Simpson's/St Bede's School with Colesmead to the right and Gatton above. Gatton Park Road runs across the picture where the buildings
end and the trees begin.
The air-raid shelter can be seen on the Colesmead Road recreation ground. In Google Earth you can see a very faint outline where it once stood.  

Photo courtesy Chris Chatfield

Shops, Reigate 
Peter's butcher's shop, Reigate 
Shops Redhill 
Fowler's chemist shop, Station Road, Redhill, was situated next to the Wheatsheaf pub (now the Junction) near the town centre
It later became the milk bar . . . .
And later still, in the 1960s and 70s was Fortes. Here it's the Cafe Belfry when the pub next door was called the Firlot and Firkin.Pictured in January 2010 the premises is now Costa
Buy British advert from Nicol's shop in Station Road Redhill. 
South Park 
South Park Post Office 1950s 
Golf on Reigate Heath in the 1930s 
Storm of 1987  
Trees down near Redhill Hospital (Pictures Brian Burrows) 
Traction Engines 
Ryall and Edwards of Salfords using machinery driven by a traction engine to cut up logs at Friday Street in the 1920s. Brian Burrows, who sent the picture in, says - ' I can remember my Grandfather saying that when Ryall & Edwards employees were sent to fell trees, that because of distance and transport in the 1920s they used to Camp under canvas for 3 weeks at a time'. (Picture Brian Burrows)T.Sanders steam saw operating at Buckland
A 447 bus at Caterham. A check on the registration number reveals that this vehicle was the first AEC Regal IV prototype, chassis U135974, completed in 1949. This historic vehicle is undergoing long-term restoration by London Bus Preservation Trust members at the Cobham Bus Museum in Surrey.Steam loco arriving at Redhill, St Joseph's Church in the background
The Magnet coach on Reigate Hill 1893The Magnet coach in Tunnel Road, Reigate 1893
Steam engines by the coaling shed at Redhill 1950s/60sSteam passenger train leaving Redhill 1965
Goods steam train leaving Redhill 
Wray Common, between Redhill and Reigate 
Posing before the Wray Common windmill c1920-25 are Harry Troughton and his children Mary, Harry and Fred. (Picture courtesy Mrs Potts)Wray Common windmill 1903
This lovely image was kindly sent by Patricia Matthews of New Zealand who bought it on a local online auction. She wrote, 'I came across some postcards of Reigate town and one of Reigate Wray Common, so far in my online search I haven’t found another postcard like it, so I thought maybe you would like a copy for your web page. A cousin of mine in Redhill found out a bit of information on the bus and wrote, “The bus went from Croydon to the end of Croydon Road Reigate, it didn’t go into Reigate. It was run by Thomas Tilling Company and bus was probably red”.  The postcard is from the Frith’s Series. It was posted in Tring to an address in S. Devon and dated 25.5.1919, the person writes at the end of her message. “This is the way we went for a picnic last week-end”. On the right side of the postcard you can see the windmill'.  
World War One 
WW1 soldier 1915WW1 soldier
World War Two 
Making gas masks, Redhill 1939. The photo was taken by the Windsor- Spice Studios of Redhill, who were official 'war incident' photographers and who also recorded scenes of war effort work such as this. The picture belongs to Brian Burrows whose mother, then Margaret Morley, is the 3rd girl from the front in the left row with glasses. On the back of the photo she has written 'me making gas masks after work'. A similar photo taken from a different angle can be found in the book Surrey at War by Bob Ogley. Jack Sales, who lived in Frenches Road and worked for Windsor Spice during the war took many 'war incident' photos and this may be an example of his work

(picture courtesy Brian Burrows).

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