The Jupp Family
Many of the pictures on this page came from Mr Alan Cowdell of Brechon. He was a friend of Harold Jupp and received various family items when Harold died as there were no other relatives to receive them. The pictures of the family were displayed for local interest and also in the hope that more information about the family might be available somewhere. In the event this is just what happened, with direct descendants contacting this author. The original pictures were duly passed on and further below additional pictures of the family appear to add to this family story. If anyone has yet further information that will add to this Jupp family page please contact the author
Further information has been received and is displayed at the end of this page
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This is believed to be a young Edward Jupp with his paternal garndmother, Emma Jane Jupp, nee Gasson. The picture was taken by E.Dann & Son of 83 Brighton Road, Redhill. Edward was born on the 19th February 1864, dating the picture to about 1870, Edward Jupp as a young man. Photo by Richmond Barnes of 18 Brighton Road, Redhill
Email from China King, Minnesota, USA, Feb 2012 - Just been looking at your website and came across the photo “believed to be a young Edward Jupp with his paternal grandmother” (no.1 above) and as I have quite some experience in dating old photos I can tell you with certainty that this photo is not from 1870. The style of clothing, especially the sleeving on the lady’s dress, gives me a date around 1889-1890. So this is likely the next generation. Thanks for the info, China. Not having the original any more nor knowing what other id to put on the photo, I'll leave the caption as iit is along with your email. Perhaps someone else may have a suggestion - AJM
A copy of the birth certificate of Edward Jupp
4 5
Edward Jupp in military uniform. As he was born in 1864 it first seemed that this would have been during one of the African campaigns just before the turn of the century but the bandolier he is wearing dates the photo to after 1903. Looking again, Edward Jupp is clearly older here than in the 1905 picture on the right, indicating that he was involved in WW1 at the age of 50 or more.(Bandolier date information kindly supplied by Jim Harriss) Edward Jupp as a family man. His wife was Annie, nee Smith. They were married at Reigate Parish Church May 19th 1894. His occupation was given as bricklayer. The children are Eric on the left, Harold on his mother's lap, and Evelyn. Picture again taken by E.Dann and Sons of 83a Brighton Road, Redhill. Date is c1905.
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A postcard entitled 'Croydon in the Olden Times, the Whitgift Hospital and view of the North End'. It was posted on the 22nd March 1913 and on it Eric Jupp wites: - "Some of the Grammar School boys are coming to breakfast as usual Wednesday next, 26th. We shall have to begin early". The address is hard to read but is not his home address. Perhaps we can deduce from this that Eric attended the Whitgift School at Croydon. Annie Jupp with her daughter Evelyn and son Harold, possibly in the back garden of 25 Whitepost Hill. It is dated 1914 but might be earlier as Harold doesn't look older than in 1911 pictures below, and might even be younger here.
8 9
As this postcard was in the family possession it seems likely that one of these four swimmers for St John's School, Redhill, could be either Harold or Eric Jupp but no positive identification has been made and there are no clues on the card. The date on the shield is 1911 and 7/7/11 is pencilled on the back of the card. The teacher on the left could be the aptly named Mr Bath who took the boys for swimming, and the man on the right is Mr Jinks, the Boys' School Headmaster. The Saluting Party formed up in St John's School playground on Empire Day 1911. This is another postcard from the same source so it is very likely that one of the boys could be Eric or Harold Jupp. Unfortunately no clue is given on the back of the postcard but the boy third from left at the back looks very like the boy on the bottom right of the swimming group pictured left, and a lot like the boy in the picture above, so would be Harold Jupp.
10 A good attendance certificate awarded to Harold Jupp for the school year 1914 - 15. Notice that it is signed by his next door neighbour, Frank Lemon, who was Chairman of the Education Committtee. Perhaps he was a just a little disappointed to get a certificate instead of a prize because of the war in progress - it seems that the school authorities, and therefore schoolchildren, were as subjected to the economies being made at the time as anyone else.
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Annie Jupp is seated in the left foreground in this postcard by Reigate photographer J.Benney, of an unknown venue and event that might have been part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Borough of Reigate, dating it to 1913. A medal commemorating this event was in the possession of the family and was among the items passed on to Alan Cowdell. This second postcard by Benny was presumably taken during the event pictured left. Annie Jupp is centre; to her immediate left and right are Mr and Mrs Lemon. Mr Lemon was a lawyer and Mayor of Reigate 1911-1913, although he is wearing no mayoral insignia here. The ladies far left and right are unknown but are two ladies seated at the same table as Annie Jupp. The background would appear to be Redhill Common. Mr and Mrs Lemon lived next door to the Jupps (see also Jupp and Lemon houses pictured further below).
Mayor Lemon wearing his chains of office stands on the steps of Reigate Town Hall at the centre of a group of members of the Town Council in this picture taken in 1913 to commemorate the 50th jubilee of the 1863 foundation of the Council. Picture is from an original 1913 Surrey Mirror newspaper, hence its less than perfect condition.
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Eric Jupp as a boy . . . . . . . . . . . . and as a young man
16 17
Two pictures of Eric in uniform, presumably during WW1. On the left he still looks the fresh faced boy as in the previous photo above but on the right has grown a moustache and has his wife, name unknown, on his arm. Perhaps the photo with his wife was taken on their wedding day.
Eric Jupp is third from left in the middle row. from his looks this picture would appear to have been taken between the dates of the above two pictures. The date and place is unknown but is possibly Wisley in August 1915 as in another card from him with this date he gives his address as W.Platoon, E Company, KOYLI (Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) F Tents (or lines), Wisley Camp, Surrey. It is wondered if any of those with him also came from the Redhill/Reigate area. It is also wondered what their postings were and how many of them survived the war. Private E.E.Jupp's army number is believed to have been DM2178125.
19 20
Edward and Anne Jupp outside their house at 25 Whitepost Hill. The date is unknown but if Edward was about 60 years of age here then the date would be 1924. There is what looks like a pencilled '1925' on the back but it is so faint as to make a definite reading uncertain Annie Jupp died on the 16th September 1925 and this picture of an unsmiling group without her, and also dated on the back 1925, was probably taken shortly after this time. On the left of the picture is Evelyn with her brother Harold behind her and, right of picture, Eric Jupp and his wife, believed to have been Ivy Mary Madeline Luff..
21 22
No 25 Whitepost Hill pictured in January 2005 looks fairly unchanged from the picture above with Edward and Annie standing outside A wider view (taken in February 2005) shows No 25 on the left and on the right 'Hillcrest', the home of Mr and Mrs Lemon, with whom Annie Jupp appeared in (possibly) 1913 above. The road just visible far right of picture is Linkfield Street.

A painting of ther houses at the top of Whitepost Hill by A. Buckland Kent, done at a time when the tree growth on this part of the common was not as dense as today. The Jupp family's house was the left of the middle pair. The houses on the right are in the nearby Upper Bridge Road. The rising ground in the far distance is a part of the North Downs.

This is an even earlier panoramic view of the common north of Whitepost Hill. Just to the left of the Jupp house (between it and the trees) St Matthew's Church can be seen.
Maurice A. Daniell was a minister at St Matthew's Church, Redhill. This postcard, once in the possession of the family, is dated 1920 and suggests that St Matthew's was the church they attended.

This has been a comment on the lives of one Redhill family. It is known from Alan Cowdell, who supplied the above material, that Harold married Gladys Jones in 1933. Edward Jupp's death certificate and probate papers show that in 1947 Eric Jupp was a weights and measures clerk living in Ash Tree Way, Croydon, and that Harold Jupp was a carpenter living in Langley Road, London SE25. It is a shame that we know so little about their sister, Evelyn. The material presented above may be more than survives from the lives of many families but is still very little when set against the years represented by it - eighty-three years from just over half way through the 19th century at Edward's birth to almost half way through the 20th at his death. Perhaps there is much more of their story yet to be be told.


Mrs Brenda Malin and her daughter saw this webpage. Evelyn Jupp was Mrs Malin's mother so she made contact. The result was that original pictures were passed on to her and she supplied more pictures to add to the story. These appear below.

26 27
Harold and Evelyn Jupp as children. The picture is painted on a school slate and is believed to have been painted by a visiting American c1910 Evelyn Jupp married Stanley Turner in 1932. here thay are pictured together somewhere around that time.
The Jupps durring WW2
Harold was awarded the MBE in 1941 for meritorious service, whilst on duty as an ARP warden during the blitz at an aerodrome, possibly Croydon.  Report in London Gazette dated 28 March 1941. 
(Source: Brenda Malin)
28 29
Evelyn Jupp and her youngest daughter, Brenda in 1945 The last picture of Edward Jupp on this page was taken c1925. Here we see him with his grandson, Stanley Turner, in 1945/1946.
Edward Jupp died 13 March 1947 at Whitepost Hill.
30 31
Evelyn Jupp with her daughters, Elizabeth and Brenda in 1948 Evelyn with her daughter Brenda, brother Eric and his wife, Ivy. Picture taken at Polegate in 1962
Evelyn Turner, nee Jupp, died in December 1985, five months after her husband, Stanley.
We have travelled through 135 years with the family and it has been a fascinating and very rewarding experience. Grateful thanks to Alan Cowdell who made this page possible by wanting the material in his possession to be more widely available. Thanks also to Brenda Malin, a direct descendant, who supplied aditional pictures.
Since the above was completed the following was received from Dave Jupp, who has been put in touch with other Jupp family members. The part of the family above is shown in red.

1. Edmund Jupp married Elizabeth Lukehurst (Luckhurst) on 15.02.1779 at Shipley, Sussex
They had 6 children
2. James born 1784 death unknown after 1841 census
3. Edward born 1786 death unknown
4. John born 1789 died 1878
5. Elizabeth born 1791 died 1821
6. Thomas born 1793 died after 1861 census
7. Henry born 1793 died at the age of 2 month
3. Edward married Catherine Caroline Charman on 29.08.1813 at Nuthurst, Sussex
They had 10 children all but one of whom was female and their descendants have not been traced.
4. John married Diana Charman 12.04.1809 at Warnham. Sussex
They had 6 children again, all but one being females and their descendents have not been traced.
8. James their eldest and only son married Caroline Deadman and had one known child.
6. Thomas married Sarah Comber on 01.07.1818 at Nuthurst, Sussex
They had 9 children
9. Henry / Harry born 1819 died 1904
10. Mary Anne born 1821 death unknown
11. Rebecca born 1823 death unknown
12. John born 1825 death unknown
13. George born 1827
14. Sarah born 1829
15. Thomas born 1832 died as an infant in 1837
16. William born 1834 died after 1901 census
17. Edward born 1837 married Emma Jane Gasson (see picture 1) (their son, Edward married Annie Smith - see pictures 5 and 13)
Dave Jupp is a descendent of 16. William who married Ann Nicholson
They had 8 children one of whom was:
18. William who married Amelia Harriet Gatland
They had 17 children one of whom was:
19. Albert Jupp who married Elizabeth Dean, who were Dave Jupp's grandparents.

Grateful thanks to Dave Jupp for this extra information.

And a really interesting email from Marilyn Lemon: -
I don't know if this will add anything to the Jupp family page but I do have some interesting, almost spooky observations.
My name is Marilyn Jupp Lemon. Lemon is my father's name, the Jupp middle name is the last name my mother had at birth. She had two sisters, both dead now, and her father was an only son, (maybe only child). So there are no more Jupps on that family line. Her father's name was Jim Broadfoot Jupp and her mother was Annie Sneath. My mother Dorothea Jupp, married Wilfred Lemon and they lived next door to her parents in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.
So again, on a different continent, the Lemons lived next door to the Jupps, only this time they were related by marriage.
Another coincidence, my brother, Gordon Lemon, is a lawyer, though not the mayor of anything - yet.
Coincidences seem to occur far more often than the the law of coincidences should allow. Thanks, Marilyn, for sharing this with us. AJM
Another email, this time from a family member
Hi,   Dave Jupp provided me with this website as I am researching my family line of Jupps.  The Edward Jupp born 1837 who married Emma Jane Gasson was my 4X Great Grandfather.  I have information on descendents from them down to myself born 1970.  Edward Jupp, born 1864, had a Brother James born 1870 which is where my family joins this story. Regards and thanks for the information. Tony Jupp.
If anyone can help on this one please contact author and the information will be passed on.
I stumbled accross the Jupp family tree on your website whilst researching my deceased fathers family tree. His name was Richard Avery, and my Grandfather was Harold Samuel Jupp Avery (1912-2002).  Harolds siblings were Edith, Doris, Morgan, Marjorie, William, and Evelyn.    Their mother name was Susan Jupp (born 1872), and her parents  were William (1833) and Mary (nee Mary Ann Fenton b?1874) Jupp - married in Horsham in1856, and had Alice, Ada, Edith, Susan, and Mary.   Williams parents were Christopher Jupp (b.1810-76) and Ann? The families seem to have lived in the Surrey and Sussex region, and my Grandfather Harold spent his whole life in Guildford.  His family were involved in blind making for shops etc, and I am unsure if there is any link with "Avery Scales" - I see on the Jupp tree that Eric was a Weights and Measure clerk. I am wondering if you could kindly forward my email on to anyone you are in contact with who may have information about the Jupp name and family?  Jupp seems quite an unusual surname, so I would like to find out if my Granfather was related to the redhill/reigate family.   Many thanks   Rebecca Balding (nee Avery)
If anyone can supply information on any of the above please contact author