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Christine writes - I think I have some semblance of order to my search & what I am looking for from the photos.  Most of the attached photos have been loaned to me by my cousin on whose behalf I have been researching. Details are as follows: -
  Jim & Florries wedding 31 July 1917. On this photo I know the names of the bride & groom (obviously!) parents of both (George & Harriet Fowler & Henry & Emma Hill) & the youngest bridesmaid is Winifred Fowler (my gran) sister to Florrie, Joan & Henry Hill c.1930 - children of Jim & Florrie  
Florrie & Jim's wedding portraits
Henry Hill, father of Uncle JimOn back of this photo is written 'Uncle Arthur' - the only Arthur in this family was born 1873 & a possible married Alice Gorringe - brother to Henry.
On back of this photo is written 'Uncle Jack died in NZ' - the only person I can match this with is James Hill born 1864 also a brother to Henry & a possible marriage to Louisa Ann Burkin This is Florrie's son Henry & my father Arthur Simpson dressed up c.1930 (judged by dad's age) for a Reigate Festival, in the garden of 79 Lesbourne Road.  


Further Information
Uncle Jim was a general handyman, gardener and chauffeur and Auntie Florrie was a district nurse in Reigate/Banstead & Redhill.  She specialised in Geriatric Care.  She was also an active St. John's Ambulance Brigade member.  This family lived at 79 Lesbourne Road.  Auntie Florrie was also involved with the Girls Brigade & Girl Guides.   Her daughter Joan went to school and was 'best' friends with Jean Metcalf (wife of Cliff Michelmore).
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Joan and henry c1930
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