The Fueggle's of Redhill
Family information for this page has been supplied by Pat Hodnett of Canada. As Pat Fueggle she was a pupil of the Ivy Burton Scool of Dancing in London Road, Redhill, and aged 10 appeared in that school's production of 'Dance Your Blues Away' at the Market Hall in 1948. It was that same year of 1948 that Pat left with her family for Canada.
The Fueggle surname developed from the earlier version of Fuggle, which may be the result of Immigration from the Low Countries and is the Dutch Vogel, easily enough corrupted into Fuggle. In the 17th and 18th centuries the Fuggle family can be traced to Tenterden in Kent. A series of Richard Fuggles, fathers and sons, were born there in 1646, 1676 and 1706 before the line of descent passed through Thomas Fuggle b1738, his son Samuel b1769, and his son, also Samuel b1798. This Samuel Fuggle married a girl named Agatha from Sevenoaks in Kent and after these six generations (and possibly many more before) this link with Tertendeden was broken when their children were born at Sevenoaks, Kent.

......... It was around this time that the surname began to change to Fueggle. Many of the children of Samuel and Agatha moved away from Sevenoaks, and Samuel and Agatha's first born, another Samuel, b1824, married a girl from Marylebone in 1845. Their firstborn was Henry Creswick Fueggle, who was born at Newington, London. Henry married Hannah Summers and sometime between 1881 and 1883 they moved from Greenwich to 10 Station Cottages, Redstone Hill, Redhill, where the final two of their children, Alfred Herbert Fueggle and Ernest Reginald Fueggle, were born in 1883 and 1885 respectively.

In the line of direct descent to Pat Hodnett, nee Fueggle, the generations shown in red on the right are those that lived at Redhill.
 as Fuggle







as Fueggle

1646 Richard. . . .(From the family tree
tree... | . . ........... .compiled by Ronald 1676 Richard.. . ......... Fueggle)
...... ..
1708 Richard
.......... |
1738 Thomas
.......... |
1769 Sumuel
......... |
1798 Samuel
......... |
1824 Samuel
......... |
1848 Henry . . . . came to Redhill c1882
1883 Alfred
......... |
1909 Leonard . . . Left Redhill for ......... ......... |......... .........Canada in 1948 when 1937 Patricia...........Pat was aged 10.

This is just Henry Creswick Fueggle and his wife, Hannah. Unfortunately we have no picture of them but it is known that Henry died in 1900. His wife, Hannah, died in 1907. An extract for the 1891 census is shown below. The essential information on it is repeated below the image.
Address shown as Nutfield Road,
10 Station Cottages. The address does not seem entirely correct as Station Cottages are actually on Redstone Hill and are shown as such in the 1888 and 1898 street directories. Nutfield Road was,
and still is, a continuation of Redstone Hill half a mile on.
Henry Feuggle . Head
Hannah . . . . . . .Wife
Henry . . . . . . . . .Son
Samuel . . . . . . . .Son
Alfred . . . . . . . . Son
Ernest . . . . . . . . Son
 Plumber and gas fitter
Born at Surrey, Southwark
Born at Middlsex, Camden Town
Born at Kent, Deptford
Born at Surrey, Redhill
In 1871 Henry aged 22 was living with his father in Croydon. Sometime after this he married Hannah Summers. Redhill was a new town, having only come into existence in the 1850s. Its growth was rapid, however, making it a busy place with and it may have been work prospects that caused Henry, who was a plumber and gasfitter by trade, to move his family the few miles south. Certainly there were many people from all parts of the country that had already come there, attracted by business and work opportunities as well as by its rural location away from the smoke and smogs on London. Henry and Hannah would have witnessed much of the development of the town as it grew, much of that growth no doubt providing employment for Henry.

This picture of Redstone Hill dates from around 1900. The large building on the right is the Railway Hotel. Station Cottages are seen on the left in two blocks numbered 1-5 and 6-10. Number 10 was the last one going up the hill. The houses seen further up on the left were built after Henry and Hannah moved there. The two men working in the road could safely do so as traffic was very light and slow moving. The photo was taken from what was then the main access to the Railway station.

The photo left was taken a few years later and gives a slightly better view of Station Cottages. The motor vehicle is parked approximately outside number 10. The road has been widened and the cottages have lost some of their front gardens..

Station Cottages in April 2010. The cottages are no longer known by this name, having been renumbered as odd numbers 1-25 Redstone Hill. Many have been substantially alltered and the first row has been added to, hence the more than ten in the numbering scheme. Some of the cottages in the second block are shown on the right above but which one was originally number 10 is difficult to see
A small coincidence arises here as in this generation there is a connection with Croydon and the same picture as appears in the Jupp family history (also on this website) is associated with the Fueggle family history. The reasons for the picture are different, however. In this case the Samuel Fueggle b1824 referred to above (his son Henry was the first to come to Redhill) was the owner or licensee of the Swan public house,which can be seen in the picture as the first building on the right through the arch. One source for this information is the Grays Commercial and General Directory 1861-2 which contains the entry THE SWAN INN - FUEGGLE S.T., LICENSED VICTUALLER. It seems that in 1859 the occupier of the Swan was a different person so Samuel may have taken over in 1859/60. The 1861 census shows Samuel at the Swan Inn at 2 North End, Croydon with his wife mary Ann, six children and four servants. The 1871 census shows Samuel as retired.
Henry Creswick Fueggle and his wife, Hannah, lost their first child but went on to have four more. Of those there are only two that we have photos of. The first is Henry Campbell Feuggle, the eldest, who was born in 1878 so would have been about 4 years old when he came to Redhill. He married Lily Hoad from Dorking in 1908 and here they are pictured around that time.Ernest Reginald Fueggle b1885, who seems mostly to have been known as Reginald) was the fourth of Henry and Hannah's children. He is seen here 2nd from left in the front row of the 1905-6 Redhill Gas Works football team. The others in the photo are (back row l-r): A Leppard, R. Burrows, J.Paterson (President). B.L.Welch, E.Leppard, J.Bashford. (front row l-r) J.Hook, R.Fueggle, E.Tickner, A Brown, C.Goldsmith, C.Harling. In front with
the ball is H.Barnard.
 Samuel John Fueggle was the 2nd child and was born in 1883. No photo of him is available
Alfred Fueggle b1883 was the third child of Henry and Hannah. He spent the whole of his working life in the employ of the Southern Railway.In 1903 Alfred married Elizabeth May Fowler, the youngest of the two girls in this well known picture of the Crown Steps in ReigateAlfred and Elizabeth together

Left: - Alfred and Elizabeth lived for many years at no.1 Alpine Road, Redhill. They lived there from at least 1909. Alfred died in 1941 and Elizabeth continued to live there until her death in 1951. This photo taken April 2010.

Right: - The grave of Henry Creswick Fueggle
is in Reigate Parish Church cemetery. The inscription reads, 'In Loving Memory of Henry Creswick the beloved husband of Hannah
Frances Fueggle who died July 19th 1900
aged 53 years'. The inscription also records
other family members who are buried there,

Alfred and Elizabeth had eleven children, nine of whom survived into adulthood. Above is the eldest son, Leonard b1909, with his father, Alfred. The two children who died early were Henry b1905 and Hilda b1907.They died within two months of each other at the end of 1908.

Ronald Fueggle b1926 (seen younger in photo 9 above right) compiled a comprehensive family tree which has provided much of the information for this page. He married Mavis Ivy Walker 1953. Two daughters Christine and Wendy and a son, David, who lives in Crete with wife Charmaine.

The rest of Alfred and Elizabeth's children were 2 Doris , 3 Elsie, 4 Cecil , 5 Winifred, 6 Frederick, 7 Gladys, 8 Phylis , 9 Ronald.

Doris Edith Fueggle b1910 (photo 2 above) Married William Terry 1937. They had one son Michael. Doris died in 1990.

Elsie Florence Fueggle b1912 (photo 3 above at her wedding) married Trevor Shepherd. Two children, Martin and Susan. Elsie died 1958.

Cecil Fueggle b1917 (photo 4 above) married Eunice Jones in 1939. They had a daughter, Denise Jane, and a son, Brian John. Cecil died in May 1990. (see email from Denise Jane at end of page)

Winifred Fueggle b1920 (photo 5 above) married Frank Walke 1941. One daughter Pauline.

Frederick George Fueggle b1921 (photo 6 above) was with the Royal Air Force Pathfinders as a flight Sergeant during WW2, during which he was shot down over the English Channel and rescued. Later he was shot down over Germany where he bacame a prisoner of war at Stalag Luft VI.

Gladys Margaret Fueggle b1923 (photo 7 above) married Basil Clark (war bride). They moved to Quebec, Canada. Three children, David, Gary and Pamela (a photo of Gladys and her husband appears further down this page)..

Phylis May Fueggle b1925 (photo 8 above) married William Dunn 1946. They had two children, Colin and Julie
Some of the family together in 1986. From l-r on the settee are Cecil, Ronald, Frederick, Phylis and Winnifred. Standing behind are Fred's children Sandra and Ian.

In his first car July 1930
Leonard as a childLeonard Fueggle aged nineteen 
Leonard married Josephine Aherne from Co. Cork in 1933. They met on a blind date when Josephine was working as a maid for Admiral Beatty at Reigate PrioryLeonard, seen 6th from the left in the main picture and inset right,
worked for Hall & Co. at the sandpit at the top of Cockshot Hill.
Leonard was in C company of the 8th Home Guard Reigate battlion from June 1942 until it was stood down in December 1944 and the document above left records the fact. The certificate on the right records his profiency in a number of required Home Gaurd skills such as battlecraft, map reading and familiarity with weapons such as the rifle, grenade and spigot mortar.
Mrs Josephine Fueggle also received a certificate from Queen Elizabeth thanking her for the part she played in taking in refugees during WW2And her daughter, Patricia, received this document from King
George acknowledging the part that they had to play in enduring the hardships of the war.
A certificate awarded to Leonard Fueggle for perfect attendance at Frenches Road School in the year 1922-23'Now You Are A Scout' - a certificate recording Leonard's progress in the scouting movement in the mid-1920s

Leonard with his sister Gladys and her husband in Quebec, Canada

Leonard Fueggle aged 70

This certificate awarded to Leonard Fueggle following a lecture on 'Temperance and Hygene' in July 1921. 
Leonard and Josephine had one child, Patricia, who has provided the information and documents for this page. She was born at 'The Chauffer's Cottage', possibly also known as 'The Head Gardener's Cottage', a six-roomed cottage that was a part of 'The Woodlands', a house that stood at the corner of St Mary's Road and Cockshot Hill, Reigate. Certainly it was close to the sandpit at the top of Cockshot Hill as the cottage was demolished when she was aged 2 due to the sandpit's expansion.

The road on the left of the above map is the A217 from Horley to London just before it reaches Reigate. The cottage that Pat was born in is shown just to the right of and slightly below the 's' of Woodlands. Most of the area was taken by the sandpit and when the whole Woodlands estate was offered for sale in 1932 it was noted that 'Deep beds of sand are believed to underlie the Lot which is ripe for immediate development.' Certainly advantage was taken of this and when the sand was worked out the pit was filled in and the area is now a housing estate that still bears the name of Woodlands.
right .. - .. Pat at St John's School, Redhill

Pat became interested in dancing and was a pupil at the Ivy Burton School of Dancing in London Road, Redhill. While there she took part in the school's April 1948 production at the Market Hall called 'Dance Your Blues Away'. The school went on to do many more productions in subsequent years and these and the history of the school are featured in another page on this website (click here to see). Below is the poster for the show and a programme kept by Pat with her name underlined in the the four scenes she danced in.
The family moved to 32 Hitchings Way, Reigate and in 1948 took the decision to move to Canada when Pat was aged 10, thus ending sixty-six years of the family's presence in Redhill and Reigate.
But we can't leave it there  
Leaonard and Josephine celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
on Feb 18th 1983
Pat with her family. Husband Guy Hodnett is at back, l-r on settee are son Brett, Pat, son Kyle, and grandfather Leonard.
Brett and partner Karen live in Quebec, Canada.Kyle and wife Rebecca live in Arizona, USAPat and family in Arizona 2007
Brett has a son RyanKyle has a son Reid.The generations continue
Email From Jane Anderson Tuesday, April 17, 2012
I have just discovered the above website and was amazed to see all the old photos of my family, many of which I haven't seen before. Perhaps I should introduce myself, I am Denise Jane Anderson (known as Janey to all of the family). I am the daughter of Cecil Stanley Fueggle and Eunice I am their eldest child and you might be interested to know that I had a brother not a sister as stated on the website, his name was Brian John (corrected, AJM). Unfortunately Brian died on 1st January 1999 at the age of  50, he had never married. My mother Eunice is 97 and now lives near me in High Wycombe.   I was always told by my Dad about the change of the family name from Fuggle to Fueggle in the latter part of the 19th century. Apparently there was a big disagreement within the family that was not talked about after the 'breakup' and as far as I know to this day none of the younger generation of Fueggles knows why. My Grandfather had spoken with my father about this but would not tell him the reason. At that time my father was home on leave from the army during world war ll and my Grandfather said he would tell him all about it when he was next home on leave. Unfortunately my Grandfather died before Dad's next leave so the mystery remains.   Hope this information is of interest to you, your website with all the old photos was certainly interesting to me.   Jane Anderson (nee Fueggle)   thank you for adding me and my brother to the internet. It is fine to add my email address to the website.   Regards Jane

Many thanks to Pat Hodnett, nee Fueggle, who provided the family in formation for this page.

Pat pictured in 2009

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