The Dewdney family of Surrey
By Peter D Dewdney

The essays which follow are an attempt to put into a readable format the results of more than 30 years research into the Dewdney family.  The whole study is on-going and worldwide but these chapters are at this stage limited to the Reigate, Surrey ancestors and their descendants.  The whole One Name Study covers other families dating from the early 16th century in Sussex, Devon, Somerset and of course the many who migrated into London (some to get lost) and those who emigrated to Canada and the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa  For those who are interested there so far seems to no connection between the south east of England families and those of Devon and Somerset.

The author of these notes and the main researcher is Peter D Dewdney (email who will be pleased to hear from anyone who has perhaps a contrary interpretation of the sometimes limited facts available, and indeed from anyone who can add anything to these studies.  His personal database records vital statistics of most people bearing the name right up until this present decade but it is not intended at this time to publish those after, say, the 1960s and never without their express permission

The author is aware that in some cases the sources of the information are not recorded in these notes, but where full dates (for example) are shown they were in most cases recorded by him from the original parish registers at the relevant churches or Surrey Record Offices (as they then were) at Guildford and Kingston and sometimes from transcripts at the Society of Genealogists, from the work of volunteers of the West Surrey FHS  - all well before the days of digitization and the internet.  He also acknowledges the help given in recent months by the archivists at the Surrey History Centre. Where applicable, acknowledgement is given to other researchers who have contributed to this study over the years.

It is of course hoped that these essays are self explanatory but readers may be curious about the reference numbers used to identify people.  These refer back to the author’s database and simply record the order in which the relevant information was recorded. So, for example, George Dewdney (DG128) was the 128th Dewdney name recorded who had a first name starting with the letter “G” from anywhere in the world.

The other rather obvious point is that none of this information has been entered into any commercial family history programme by the author at this stage therefore no nice Gedcom listing is available!

Peter D Dewdney

September 2011.

Chapter One - The millers in Reigate

"In the days of full sail the Reigate millers were men of substance and social responsibility...."

Our story starts with the family of John Dudney (DJ037) who was baptised in Reigate on 31st March 1633, the son of George and Dorothy Dudney who were bakers in Reigate. John married Amey Mathew in Reigate in 1658 - the resulting family is shown below.

The Reigate parish register indicates that John was “miller of Sidlow (or Sidlunt) Mill"   This mill, has now almost completely disappeared except for the remains of the mill leat was situated at a point where the A217 trunk road crosses the river Mole.  It is alleged to have been in existence in Saxon times but the earliest reference to it appears to be in 1279 when it was known as "Sidala-wemella", and in 1332 when it went by the name of "Sydelove".

In some notes by the Horley Historical Society there is the following report taken from the Horley Parish Chest and dated 1533: "Side Le Mill Bridge leading over the great river from Reigate to Crawley is in decay of timberwork.  Borough Syemill in the Lordship of Banstead ought to repair the other half".

In his excellent book "Watermills of Surrey" Derek Stidder comments: " Unusually, Sidlow millers were well recorded between 1576 and 1680:  1576 - Richard Gander, 1587 Richard Cuddington, 1623 John Cuddington, 1680 George Cuddington, and in a Lease dated 1682 the mill lay vacant following the death of the widow of John Cuddington".

The PR records of Reigate refer to John Dudney of Sidlow (or Sidlunt) Mill from 1665 to 1685 (or as just "miller" in 1662) and we must assume therefore that he was either a tenant of the Cuddington family or perhaps merely a worker there and after the mill became dis-used in 1682 he left for Reigate.

As already stated, John's father, George Dewdney DG128 was a baker in Reigate, and it would seem quite the normal thing to do for the son of a baker to take up the closely associated trade of milling, especially when one considers that the girl that he married was a member of the Mathew family, which according to Hooper in his story of Reigate, was one of three families engaged in the oatmeal trade.  It is probably more than of passing interest to note that his elder sister, Elizabeth had married a ffrancis Hatcher who, in his will of 1699 refers to his oatmeal mill, which was probably a windmill as it was situated on high ground to the southeast off Nutley Lane, Reigate.

Oatmeal was not at that time a common part of the ordinary man's diet in the south of England - the chief market being London, where meal was used in the making of ship's biscuits for the Royal and Merchant Navies.  This connection may partly explain the family of Dudneys in Southwark (ref. Boyd's index) but not yet researched and maybe the mention of warehouses and merchants in London in several later wills of prosperous members of the family.

George was almost certainly the son of another George Dudney who was himself born in 1583 at Horley where the family had been living for the previous two or three generations. The elder George had married an Elizabeth who had died in 1643 at Reigate;  George the elder died at Reigate in 1656 described as “Old George Judney”  The son, George a baker by profession.

George Dudney and his wife Eliazabeth

NameDetailsRef no
George Dudneyb 23 Feb 1583 Horley;
d 2 Jan 1656 (old George Judney)
= Elizabeth (unknown)
bur 14 Apr 1643 (wife of George)          
..................Thomas Dewdney
..................(son of George (assumed DG020))
bur   20 Jun 1637 ReigateDT275
..................George Dewdney (son of George ..................(assumed DG020)baptism not found
= Dorothy Wattel 24 Apr 1628 Reigate
see descent below
..................Francis Dewdney
..................(son of George DG020) & Elizabeth)
ba   4 Apr 1619;        d 27 Apr 1671
= Hannah (unknown)

George Dudney and Dorothy Wattel



Ref no

George Dewdney
(assumed son of George DG020)
b unknown
= Dorothy Wattel 24 Apr 1628 Reigate
George Dudney
(son of George DG128)
ba 7 Jun 1629 Reigate
d 26 Nov 1699 (smothered by falling of a wall (well?)
= Ann Page 1654 Kingston
Elizabeth Dudney
(dau of George DG128)
ba 4 Dec 1631 Reigate
= ffrancis Hatcher 23 Jan 1656 Reigate
John Dudney
(son of George DG128)
ba 31 Mar 1633 Reigate
d 9 Aug 1705 Reigate
= Amey Mathew 16 Feb 1658 Reigate
....................................see below
Allen Dudney
(son of George DG128)
ba 30 Mar 1638 Reigate d 24 Jul 1715 Reigate
= Anne Storey 31 May 1669 Buckland
....................................see separate chapter
Richard Dudney
(son of George DG128)
ba 9 Apr 1641 Reigate
= unknown
James Dudney
(son of George DG128)
ba 10 Aug 1645 Reigate; d 14 Jul 1650DJ051
Thomas Dudney
(son of George DG128)
ba 29 Sep 1648 Reigate
? d 30 Oct 1648   (PR -  child of George)

It was probably the son George (DG021) (born 1631) who in 1660 was accused of who “forcibly throwing on to the common square (in common alta placea) there a large quantity of mud whereby it was obstructed… that the King’s liege people could not pass… to the grave nuisance… in evil example and against the Peace.” He seems to have been exonerated. (Surrey Quarter Sessions December 1660).

Both he and his father had been, or still were, influential bakers in Reigate at the time so maybe the “live and let live” of some town juries in respect of minor offences took effect.  He was expected to appear again in 1661 ”to answer certain trespasses, contempts and misdemeanours”. Maybe whoever complained the first time tried again - the result is not known.

John Dewdney, DJ037, was granted the Liberty of Reigate and Dorking in 1653

Whether the following extract from the Calendars of the Surrey Quarter Sessions is relevant to this family is not known but it seems likely…..”Inquisition 10 February 1668 …

George Dudney, the elder, Thomas Heathfield (and others) who say that Raclell Paskin of Reigate, widow, was long since lawfully possessed of and in one messuage in Reigate until Nicholas Grigg, husbandman, Samuel Bignold the younger, blacksmith, all of Reigate with other malefactors unknown, on January 28th last into the aforesaid messuage did enter and the said Rachell Paskin dispossessed with strong hand did expulse, and her, the said Rachell Paskin so dispossessed and expulsed from the messuage aforesaid strength and power and with two other offenders (that is to saye) William Dudney of Reigate, carpenter, and Edith Stint wife of Abraham Stint labourer…………..”  (outcome not known)

And the following from the Order Book of 1668.. “A warning ……and whereas in pursuance of the said threats received in the said letter the night after the delivery thereof, divers fruit trees, flowers plants and other trees in the said Mrs Midleton’s orchard and garden, were cut down, pulled up, and destroyed, an iron chayne and rounf pynne carried away which is supposed to have been done by the persons that contrived the said letter doinge not only to the breach  of the peace but to the terror of his Majesties good subjects.  And whereas it was likewise informed both by the hand wherewith the said letter was written and also by other probable circumstances that George Heath, John Heathfield, Richard Myles the younger, Thomas Deudney, William Deudney together with Elizabeth Heath Widow were not only the authors and contrivers of the said letter but the persons who committed the said waste and spoyle. The Court doth therefore think and so orders that it be ………… issue both their Warrant for the said ……….and for any other persons suspect top be concerned in the contrivance of the said letter or authors of the said waste and spoyle and thereupon use their utmost endeavors for the discovery of the truth of the premises …….to be bound over to appear at the next General Quarter Sessions to answer such breach of the peace.”  The outcome is not known

John Dudney DJ037 (1633) and Amey Mathew - John was the son of DG128 DG128 and his wife Dorothy and was the 4th generation of the known Dudney/Dewdney descents

NameDetailRef No
John Dudney
(son George DG128) & Dorothy)
ba 31 Mar 1633 Reigate; d 9 Aug 1705 Reigate
= Amey Mathew 17 Feb 1658 Reigate
....................................d 9 May 1688 Reigate
Ann Dewdney
(dau John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 6 Dec 1659 ReigateDA049
John Dewdney
(son John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 8 Mar 1661 Reigate; died prior 1671DJ076
Amey Dewdney
(dau John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 27 Jul 1662 ReigateDA050
Elizabeth Dewdney
(dau John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 3 Sep 1665 of Sidlow Mill Reigate;
..................d 5 Oct 1686 (as Dudney)
Dorothy Dewdney
(dau John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 11 Apr 1668 Reigate; 3 Mar 1681DD016
Sarah Dewdney
(dau John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 13 May 1669 of Sidlow Mill Reigate
Thomas Togg unknown
John Dewdney
(son) John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 27 May 1671 of Sidlow Mill, Reigate
....................................d 22 Nov 1739
= Mary Knowles 19 May 1719 Reigate
George Dewdney
(son) John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 25 Aug 1673 of Sidlow Mill Reigate
= Elizabeth Shelley 14 Jun 1716 Reigate
.............(the probable parents of Eleanor (of the will)
Mary Dudney
(dau John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 12 Sep 1678
= John Kenen unknown
Thomas Dudney
(son) John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 21 Apr 1684 Reigate
= (1) Mary Deudney 9 Jan 1713 St Benet
= (2) Mary Hodgkinson
................................14 May 1717 Chalfont St Mary   ..................(this is my direct line)

Next it would seem to be desirable to outline the terms of the Will of John Dudney DJ037 buried 9th August 1705 at Reigate - Will dated 1st August 1705 Johannus Dewdney senior. Probate: 31st August 1705.

Will of John Dewdney, the elder, millwright
.................. to John Dewdney - son DJ038  - All that my messuage or tenement, barn and 1 1/2 acres of land, situate, lying and being in the parish of Reigate and now in the tenure or occupation of William Blade and John have and to hold the said messuage, tenement, barn, lands… my said son, John Dewdney, his heirs and assigns for ever and the windmill...newly existing and built situate lying in Reigate aforesaid and now in the tenure of said John Dewdney.  Also all goods and chattels Mary Dewdney - daughter DM034 100 payable by her brother John within 12 months of my death out of my said messuages or tenements and appurts.  If unpaid she could extract it  from rents etc. Sarah daughter DS027 wife of  Thomas Togg - ten shillings the two children of son-in-law, William Stevens  - 10 payable within 12 months
Memo note: ?? which daughter Ann (DA49) or Amey (DA50))

Executor was son, John Dewdney

John Dudney (DJ038) and  Mary Knowles

NameDetailRef No
John Dudne
(son John DJ037) & Amey)
ba 27 May 1671 Reigate of Sidlow Mill
....................................d 22 Nov 1739
= Mary Knowles 19 May 1719 Reigate
James Dudney
(son John DJ038) & Mary)
b 25 Jun 1718; d 27 Aug 1719 ReigateDJ039
John Dudney
(son John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 18 Mar 1720  Reigate  d 27 Nov 1793 Reigate
= (1) Martha Burt 21 May 1761 Reigate; d 16 Sep 1769
= (2) Sarah Bryant 4 Apr 1771 Reigate; d 16 Mar 1808
....................................see below
James Dudney
(son John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 1 Sep 1721 Reigate; d 30 Mar 1795 Bletchingley
= Sarah Knowles 30 Oct 1756 Reigate (age 22)
....................................d 5 Aug 1812 Reigate
Thomas Dudney
(son John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 7 Jan 1723  Reigate
= Jane Filewood 22 Nov 1752 Reigate                                                          see separate chapter
Charles Dudney
(son John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 2 Nov 1724 Reigate; d 16 Apr 1773
= Susan Gaston 16 Apr 1771 Charlwood
George Dudney
(son John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 10 Dec 1725 Reigate; d 1 Aug 1784
= (1) Susannah Dantry 7 Aug 1757
....................................d. Dorking 18 Dec 1772
= (2) Mary Stedman 7 Apr 1774 Dorking;
....................................d 22 Apr 1776
Ann Dewdney
(dau John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 29 Dec 1727 Reigate
= John Harris 27 Jul 1749
Richard Dewdney
(son John DJ038) & Mary)
b c 1727 baptism not found
= Ann Hassell 16 Jun 1772 Coulsdon; d 10 Sep 1806
Eleanor Doodney
(dau John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 23 Nov 1729 Reigate
= George Clark 29 Jun 1769               
Amey Dudney
(dau John DJ038) & Mary)
ba 23 Mar 1733 Reigate
= George Hoare 30 Jun 1767

John married Amey Mathew the daughter of a family closely involved in the oatmeal trade. She was probably bapt on 30 Mar 1639 daughter of Thomas Mathew – occupation not shown in PR. In his will dated 1 August 1705, John is described as John Dewdney, the elder, millwright, the main beneficiary was his son John DJ038 who inherited amongst other items the windmill, newly existing and built situate and lying in Reigate and which is in the tenure of said son John Dewdney”.

There had been a windmill at Isbell since about 1628 but when the mill or its successors came into the hands of the Dewdney family is uncertain but very possibly shortly after John DJ037 left the Cuddington mill at Sidlow when it became derelict in 1682 or thereabouts. It would appear that he built a new one some time before 1705 (see his will above) and which by 1747 had become in need of repair or replacement. His son John died in 1739 and in 1747 his widow Mary was granted a licence to pull down the old mill she having erected a new windmill at her own expense. It would seem that she did not replace the old mill and may have repaired it.

There are a number of land and property deals referring to this John and some of his family and these are briefly listed below. Some of these items may seem to be out of sequence but are important to establish exactly who was Eleanor Dewdney whose will of 1767 is hugely important to sorting out this somewhat complicated family and their milling interests.

Property transactions ending in 1785.  (Surrey History Centre document 371/6/211/1 – 8 (1653/4 – 1785) (Bryant nos: 6, 32, 64, 134, 259) detailing property bought by William Bryant and sold to Philip Yorke outlined as follows:

“messuage and garden and backside occ Jas Knowles nr Old Market Place (highway towards Nutley Lane and Kingston Hill) E messuage John Richardson later malthouse and backside of Mrs Mary Paley bought by George Dewdney and settled on his son, who left it to wife. She sold to Ric Dewdney. His daughter Eleanor left it to cousin John who sold to Wm Bryant. Wm Bryant sold to Philip Yorke Esq”.

Assumed that George DG128 passed the property to his son George DG021 whose widow Ann sold it to Richard DR035 who had a daughter Eleanor.DE351 whose cousin John was DJ038

Two other parcels of land were bought by William Bryant in 1785:

Ref 367/6/191/1-6 (1697-1785) “Barn, stable, 10p land ab S Pudding Lane. W lane towards Kingston Hill N land of the late Fran Hatcher, E on lands of Chas Marten; owned by George Anne, Ric, Eleanor and John Dewdney. Bought by John Bryant 28 & 29 1785. Then sold to Philip Yorke.

Ref 371/6/192/1 – 6 (1660 – 1785). Pightie of land (1a) called Northfield nr Netley Lane, late occ by Barnaby Stevens, ab W Netley Lane,N lands of Erasmus Matthew, S lane leading to Reigate Formerly owned by the Countess of Peterborough, Allen Woodman, Fras and Eliz Hatcher, Richard Dewdney, then Eleanor Dewdney, John Dewdney, Wm Bryant; conveyed to William Bryant 28 & 29 Jan 1785.  (Deed is 371/6/191/5).Then sold to Philip Yorke.

The sale of these properties and many others to Philip Yorke is interesting as he was a member of the Hardwicke family for whom William Bryant was political agent, and who were “Lords of the Manor” of Reigate and one of two opposing families who wished to represent the borough in Parliament. The Manor of Reigate had passed from the Fitzalan and Howard families to the Crown until William III granted it to Joseph Jekyll for the benefit of his brother-in- law, John, Lord Somers.(see Wilfred Hooper, Reigate: It’s Story through the Ages). The Yorke or Hardwicke connection arose from the marriage of Philip Yorke, first Earl of Hardwicke to a niece of Lord Somers. Philip Yorke also became Lord Chancellor.  Our Philip Yorke was in fact the second Earl of Hardwicke, the first having died in 1764. For further comment on the political rivalry in Reigate at this time see the notes below concerning Allen Dewdney (DA026) and brother of John Dewdney DJ037 above, and who was, some years previous, bailiff and political agent for the Somers family - the other political aspirants.

There were a number of further land transactions involving this family in Reigate

Ref No 371/9/25 dated 21 Oct 1662  Close (2a) ab E & S Nutley Lane lands of William Staplehurst,  Occ Rob Nicholson; feoffment; Wm Castleman of Reigate. Mercer to George Dewdney Sen of Reigate, baker.

No 371/9/26a – b dated 6 Feb1681/2. Feoffment, release for purchase money: George Dewdney to Anth Jeale of Reigate, bricklayer. Re: Whitecroft (2a),Claypitmead (5 a) barn and close, ab W Nutley Lane. (copyhold, enfranchised) property of John Dewdney.

Ref No 371/9/37 dated 24 Mar 1670/1. Whitecrofts; Feoffment; John Richardson to John Dewdney.

Ref No 371/9/38 a – c dated 20 Apr 1672. Claypitmead 5 a; deed to levy & lead uses of fine Indentures; John Richardson and wife Sarah to John Dewdney.

Ref No 371/9/39a – d dated 24 Mar 1670/1. two releases of purchase money for Whitecrofts and Claypitmead, two bonds; John Richardson of Horley butcher to John Dewdney of Reigate, millwright.

Ref No 371/9/40 date 14 Sep 1698.Barn and three parcels of land (10a); lease for 11 years; John Dewdney, sen of Sidlow Mill to Thos Munyer sen of Reigate husbandman

Ref No: 370/9/41 dated 14 Sep 1698 Lease for 11 years following expiry of above; John Dewdney to Thos Munyer (jun).

Ref 371/9/43a-c dated 25 &26 Jul 1757  Shares in messuage barn, outbuildings, garden and Land (1 a) in Netley Lane, ab E London lands, s lands of Eleanor Dewdney, W Netley Lane, N lands occ by Benj Glasbrook late occ by Wm Blake and John Bagshall now Geo Lucas and Ric Ridge; Claypitmead (5 1/2A) ab W Netley Lane, S copyhold of John Dewdney, N White Croft, W London Lands; Whitecroft (2a) lease and re-lease, LH Indenture of fine: 1. James Dewdney of Reigate, miller, Thos Dewdney of Reigate, baker, Chas Dewdney of Horley, miller, Geo Dewdney of Dorking, miller, John Harris of Ewell, yeoman and wife Ann, Eleanor & Amy Dewdney of Reigate, spinsters, Ric Dewdney of Reigate, baker; 2. John Dewdney of Reigate (miller), (all children of John Dewdney of Reigate, miller .dec.

Ref No 371/9/44a-b dated 25/26 May 1778.  Barn Field (3 a) Backside of Nutley Lane 6 closes (6a) Part of Cockshoot Hill or Isbells lands, with messuage barn and windmills; messuage garden orchards (1a 20p)at Earlswood, piece of land 81ft by 33ft late occ by John Turner, dec, formerly waste of manor, barn and spittle fields (5a) abuttals given. Attested  copy of lease and release and enfranchisement; Sir Charles Cocks, bart to John Dewdney.

Ref No 371/9/45a-b dated 7 & 8 Mar 1793  Claypitmead; Whitecroft, barn and close ab E Nutley Lane,NClaypitmead, lately enfranchised; Lease and Release; John Dewdney to Ric Barnes.

We now come to the Will of Eleanor Dewdney (DE351

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Eleanor Dewdney of Reigate in the county of Surrey, spinster, made this 2nd day of January 1767.  I desire to be buried in a handsome coffin shroud and drape near the remains of my late dear brother Thomas DT167 in the parish of St Catherine Coleman London and I desire to be carried into the church for prayers to be read and also the 14th, 15th and 16th verses of the 103rd psalm to be sung over me for which  I give the parson a scarf (swatband) and gloves and the Clerk five shillings and I desire the whole expenses of my funeral may not exceed the sum of 50

(Note: Psalm 103)
                       14.  For He knoweth whereof we are made: he remembreth that we are but dust.
                       15. The days of man are but as grass; for he flourisheth as a flower of the field.
                       16. For as soon as the wind goeth over it, it is gone: and the place thereof shall know it no more

"I give and bequeath to my cousin John Dewdney of Reigate (DJ040) the tenement wherein I now dwell and the close of land thereto belonging and also a close of land in Reigate aforesaid now in the occupation of my cousin Thomas Dewdney of Reigate aforesaid, baker (DT019) and all other my lands and tenements and real estate whatsoever to hold unto the use of the said John Dewdney his heirs and assigns for ever

“I give and bequeath unto Eleanor Linfield and Mary Linfield of Horsham in the County of Sussex, spinsters, and to each of them an annuity of 4 to be paid unto each of them half yearly during their natural life and to charge my personal estate with the payment thereof.

"I give and bequeath unto James Dewdney, (DJ047) son of James Dewdney (DJ042) of Bletchingley in the County of Surrey aforesaid, miller; and Charles Dewdney (DC002) of Lovell Heath, miller; Richard Dewdney (DR036) and Thomas Dewdney (DT025) sons of the said Thomas Dewdney, baker (DT019); Ann Harris wife of John Harris of Ewell, farmer; Eleanor (DE036) wife of George Clarke of Mugstoke in Chipstead, miller and George Dewdney (DG010) of Dorking, miller, 50 apiece if they be living at my decease.

"But in case they, or any or other of them shall die in my lifetime the legacy above shall go to my Cousin Amey Dewdney
(DA051) now dwelling with me.

“I give and bequeath unto Charles Knowles, husband of Sarah Knowles of Reigate aforesaid, glazier, the sum of 20.

“I give and bequeath unto the servant that shall live with me at the time of my decease the sum of 5.

"I give and bequeath unto Richard Dewdney of Coulsdon, (DR121) in the county of Surrey, miller, the sum of 200.

"Also I give and bequeath unto my Executors hereinafter named the sum of 20 to pay to the poor of  the parish of St Catherine Coleman aforesaid as shall not at the time of payment thereof receive Alms of the said parish and my said Executors shall (         ) Object of Charity.

"Also I give and bequeath unto the said James Dewdney, the father, (DJ042) and Thomas Dewdney, the father, (D0T19) the sum of one hundred pounds a year and I give and bequeath unto William Chufley(??) of Southwark Street, London, baker, the sum of one hundred pounds and direct all the aforesaid legacies to be paid within six months next after my decease.

"And I give and bequeath unto the said Amey Dewdney (DA051) all my household goods,  china, linen (etc. etc.)

John (DJ040) and Amey (DA051) Dewdney made Executors and to have equal shares of the residue of the Estate. 

Will proved London. 15th April 1767 by John and Amey Dewdney.

John Dewdney (DJ040) and (1) Martha Burt and (2) Sarah Bryant

NameDetailRef No
John Dewdney
(son John DJ039) & Mary)
ba 18 Mar 1720  Reigate  d 27 Nov 1793 Reigate
= (1) Martha Burt 21 May 1761 Reigate;
....................................d 16 Sep 1769
= (2) Sarah Bryant 4 Apr 1771 Reigate;
....................................d 16 Mar 1808
(married and buried as Dewdney on both occasions)
Mary Dewdney
(dau John (DJ040) & Martha)
bo 14 May 1764 Reigate; ba 15 Jun; d prior 1777DM035
Eleanor Dewdney
(dau John (DJ040) & Sarah)
bo 14 Aug 1772 Reigate; ba 2 Sep
= James Lambert 7 May 1796 Reigate
Amey Dewdney
(dau John (DJ040) & Sarah)
bo 24 Sep 1773; ba 27 Oct
= Thomas Barfield 4 Oct 1800 St Mary Guildford
Mary Dewdney
(son John (DJ040) & Sarah)
bo 5 Aug 1777 Reigate: ba 29 Aug
= Thomas Beale 27 Jun 1803
John Dewdney
(son John (DJ040) & Sarah)
bo 25 Jul 1779;  ba 20 Aug; d 1 Oct 1781DJ043
Richard Dewdney
(son John (DJ040) & Sarah)
bo 14 Feb 1781 Reigate; ba 9 Mar
= Ann Oram 6 May 1797 Reigate
......................................................see below
Sarah Dewdney
(dau John (DJ040) & Sarah)
bo 3 Aug 1783;  ba 29 Aug d 8 Apr 1800DS028

John (DJ040) Dewdney married his first wife, Martha Burt, on 21 May 1761 at Reigate (he was 41 years old at the time according to the date of baptism recorded in the Reigate PR but this may be a late baptism) - (Marriage Allegation 431 dated 20 May 1761 - John Dewdney of Reigate, miller, age 39, and Martha Burt of Reigate, age 27 at Reigate)

Martha died in 1769 at the age of 34 having had one daughter Mary (DM035) born in 1764 and who died in 1777. Unusually, for a married woman, at that time, she left a Will as follows:- 

"In the name of God Amen, I Martha Dewdney, wife of John Dewdney of Reigate in the County of Surrey, miller, do make and publish this as my Last Will and Testament...

Whereas by indenture Quadripartite bearing the date 20th April 1761, and made between my father John Burt and my brother John Burt of the first part; the said Martha Dewdney, in my then name of Martha Burt of the second part; William  Hoad, clerk of the third part; and Richard Stapley and Henry Clarke, gentlemen, of the fourth part in pursuance thereof a certain messuage and Lands, Tithes and hereditaments in the indenture particularly described as situate and being in Cuckfield (?) in the County of Sussex were limited to RS and HC (their executors etc) for a term of 1000 years upon trust that they within six months of my father's death by Mortgage or Sale shall levy or raise the sum of 500 and pay this sum to any person with share as I, the said Martha Dewdney should decree...

Now, I the said Martha Dewdney, in pursuance of the powers given to me by the said Indenture, do by this my Last Will and Testament in writing give and bequeath the said sum of 500 unto my beloved husband, John Dewdney.

John Dewdney (DJ40) was made Executor and the Will was proved by John on 19th April 1777  - eight years later.  This time delay seems to beg several questions:

1. Did John know about the property?
2. Did he know about the Will? Or was it perhaps assumed that as a woman,   Martha would not have made a Will?  Or
..................even that it took that length of time to satisfy the legality of it all
3. Did his second wife find the Will when clearing a cupboard and if not, how did the will come to light?
4. Why did the Trustees RS & HC not do something about the matter at an earlier stage - maybe they did,  which might
..................account for the delay.

John Dewdney (DJ040) died on 27th November 1793 and after his death his widow, Sarah, may have moved to Lambeth in South London for when she was buried at Reigate on 23rd March 1803 she was described as "of Lambeth".

On 7/8th March 1793, the day before he made his Will, he signed a Lease and Re-Lease in respect of several closes of land in Reigate which were granted by Richard Barnes of Reigate, gent. to John Dewdney, miller.  These lands which were formerly two closes of arable called   "The Chart" were divided into three and called: Chart Field 7 3/4 acres, Little Coppice Field 1 & 1/2 acres, Great Coppice Field 3 3/4 acres. This land was situated adjoining the lane leading to Reigate church and Meadvale.

By a land transaction document dated 25/26 May 1778 John retained the copyhold of the Isbells windmills; six acres of land “backside” of Nutley Lane; land and orchards at Earlswood and other property.  John obviously decided to provide for his family in areas other than his milling interests, and with four daughters and a son who was still a minor, this seems aneminently sensible thing for him to do. He would also have been aware of the costs involved in the re-building a windmill whose life expectancy cannot have been very long by the mere nature of the construction, with the risk of fire and of damage from high winds.

However, with his brothers being so heavily involved in the milling business throughout the area it was only natural that he would wish that his only surviving son, Richard, could carry on what was seen to be a successful business.  It is by no means certain that he would have been too happy had he known of the events which were about to happen.  The brief facts that are known about Richard will be detailed later.

The basic bequests in the Will of John Dewdney (DJ040) were as follows:

The business was to be carried on by his executors for the benefit of his wife, Sarah, and children during the minority of his son Richard (DR031) who was born in 1781 so was only twelve years old when his father died.

His wife, Sarah, was charged with bringing up the children.

To his daughter Eleanor (DE037) he left his messuage, with land and appurtenances at Earlswood, Reigate which was at that time in the occupation of a John Easton.

Each of the four daughters, Eleanor, Amey, Mary and Sarah were each to receive 400 at the age of 21 years or upon marriage.

The residue of the estate went to his son, Richard, subject to the above payments.

The executors and trustees were to be Sarah Dewdney, widow, Thomas Stevens of Kingston (kinsman) - mealman; James Sanders of Dorking, millwright (possibly of Pixham Mill) and Henry Crunden of Reigate, victualler.

By codicil dated 28th May 1793 Sanders and Crunden were replaced by his nephew James Dewdney (DJ047) of Dorking, miller, (Castle Mill) son of James Dewdney (DJ042). (see later note) The Mills then, and the residence ,remained in the hands of the trustees of the Will, but it would appear from a land transaction dated 7/8 March 1793, that is a few months prior to John’s death, that the copyhold of Claypitmead and Whitecroft mentioned above transferred to a Richard Barnes. (371/9/45a-b).

As far as the situation at the Cockshoot Mills was concerned all seemed to go well at first for on 13th March 1799 an office copy of the "Certificate of Contract for the Redemption of Land Tax"lists lands and buildings "late of John Dewdney and certified to belong to Richard Dewdney - a minor"...

1.  16 acres of land with barn and appurts. situated in the Borough of Reigate in the occupation of the Executors of the late John Dewdney ... 2 14s.

2.  Messuage, barn, stables, and two windmills called Cockshoot Hill mills, and six acres of land and appurts, situated in the Foreign of Reigate ... 4 19s 9d situated in the Foreign ...15s 5 d

3. Field of four acres with barn and appurts. called "Grays"

4.  Three pieces of land called "Dabners" with appurts. about 12 acres situated in the Foreign ..... 1   3s 2d

Total  9  12s 11            Assessed in 1798                     Consideration: 353 15s 2d

Another document originally dated 1802 but title registered in 1836 states: Copy of Release of Tithes of Reigate 1 & 2  (detailed description of lands and field names at SRO)  Between:

1. Thomas Griffith Esq. of Southwark
2. Richard Dewdney, mealman of Cockshoot Hill,  Reigate
3. James Dewdney, mealman of Dorking.  

Consideration 280.        Sch. of Deeds 1741 - 1798

Richard Dewdney (DR031) and Ann Oram

Richard Dewdney
(son John (DJ040) & Sarah)
bo 14 Sep 1781 Reigate;
= Ann Oram 6 May 1797 Reigate
.(was only 16 when he married) ?
Alexander Dewdney
(son Richard (DR031) & Ann)
b Reigate unknown; d 1814 Twineham,DA278
John Dewdney
(son Richard (DR031) & Ann)
ba 12 Aug 1808 Reigate    See censusDJ044
Ann Dewdney
(son Richard (DR031) & Ann)
ba 20 Sep 1809, d 1815 TwinehamDA021
Sarah Dewdney
(son Richard (DR031) & Ann)
ba 19 Oct 1810 ReigateDS029
James Dewdney
(son Richard (DR031) & Ann)
ba 18 Jan 1816 Twineham;
                          bur 24 Dec1849 Reigate PR
= (1) Mary Ann Henson  3/1841 St Saviour SRD
= (2) Richard Burt 3/1850 St George  Southwark

Richard Dewdney (DR031) is in fact something of a mystery,

On 6th May 1807 Richard married Ann Oram in Reigate.  The Reigate PR records the vital statistics as recorded above.  The family moved to Twineham in Sussex in about 1814/16 where Richard is believed to have been a Victualler. He died at Twineham aged only 35 and was buried at Reigate on 15th January 1817 (of Twineham)

Before moving away from the Cockshoot Hill Mills there are one or two further matters which need to be discussed.  Firstly in 1831 a William Ashby, millwright of Westerham in Kent, presented a Richard Dewdney with a Bill as below:

Valuation of Cockshoot Mills     4  4s   Inventory stamp  1, Wrighting 10s  6d   
“Hors" & travelling expenses 1   2s  6d                                Total   6  17s  0d

Now, if we are correct that Richard and family moved away from the Cockshoot mills in about 1814/16 and that Richard died in Twineham in 1817, who was the Richard at Cockshoot in 1831? Is it likely that although he was tenant at the mills he actually lived at Twineham?

And indeed, just as importantly, and maybe as a clue to what happened, there are two other pointers:

In 1816, Ridgeway, a local historian referred to "a pleasant place called Cockshoot Hill, upon which, a little way from the road, stood two mills, the property of George Dewdney of Dorking...a certain person named Joscelyn was then the occupier". 

So perhaps George Dewdney took over the Mills when eventually Richard decided that he had had enough, maybe for reasons of health.  This George Dewdney would be our DG013, son of George Dewdney (DG010) of Castle Mill Dorking,  who acquired the unenviable description of a bankrupt banker and among the lots offered for sale on 28th June 1826 by Auction at the White Hart inn, Reigate was ....

“ addition to the two Capital windmills on the mill platt there was a newly erected cottage, a barn a stable, a millwright's shop, a cart lodge and land totaling about 19 acres".  The property was leased to Henry Hopkins at an annual rent of 102. The mills were stated to be in good repair but counted only three pairs of stones, the older of them it seems was a veteran...The mills stood in Reigate Foreign 150 yards east of the turnpike road  leading south from Reigate and were approached by a track flanked by a hedge and terminating at a cottage within yards of the mill pair.” (Farries and Mason)

This appears to be the end of the Dewdney milling interests in Reigate, but their milling business in neighbouring Dorking, Bletchingley and Godstone were to continue for at least two more generations and the baking businesses flourished though to the 20C.

Before concluding this chapter and to round thinks off a bit I now detail what we know of the family of Richard and Ann

James Dewdney (DJ122) & Mary Ann Hanson

James Dewdney
(son Richard (DR031) & Ann)
ba 18 Jan 1816 Twineham;   bur 24 Dec1849 Reigate PR
= (1) Mary Ann Henson  3/1841 St Saviour SRD
= (2) Richard Burt 3/1850 St George Southwark

                        (2nd husband of Mary Ann)  
Mary Ann Dewdney
(dau James (DJ122) & Mary Ann)
ba 1 Apr 1842 Reigate (only 18 when married)
= George Boorman 23 Jan 1860 Reigate PR
Louisa Ann Dewdney
(dau James (DJ122) & Mary Ann)
ba 2 Aug 1843 Reigate
= Charles R Styles? 4/1865 Kensington
Georgiana Dewdney
(dau James (DJ122) & Mary Ann)
ba 1 Jul 1846 Reigate
= John B Corballis 4/1865 Westminster
Angelina Elizabeth Dewdney
(dau James (DJ122) & Mary Ann)
ba 8 Jan 1848 Redhill;
d 1915 age 68 Reigate SRD
Walter Dewdney
(Illegit son Angelina Dewdney (DA138)
b 14 Jan1889 Reigate   illegit of AngelinaDW126
Jane Dewdney
(dau James (DJ122) & Mary Ann)
b 18 Apr1849; d 4 Jun 1850 ReigateDJ170

At Station Road, Reigate

1851Mary Ann DewdneyHead29Widow -grocerSt Albans, HertsDJ122
 Mary Ann Dewdneydau9 ReigateDM124
 Louisa Dewdneydau7 ReigateDL028
 Georgina Dewdneydau4 ReigateDG078
 Angelina Dewdneydau3 ReigateDA138
 Richard Burtlodger45u/m carpenterReigate 

At Earlswood, Reigate                                                                                  RG9/442/111 p19

1861Richard BurtHead54carpenterReigate 
 Mary A Burtwife39 ReigateDJ122
 Louisa A DewdneyStep-dau17 ReigateDL028
 George A Burtson4 Reigate 

At London Road, Reigate   At residence of William Klein                        RG10/830/50  p20

1871Angelina Dewdneyservant23Parlour maidRedhillDA138

Angelina not found in 1861 or1881

At Croydon Road, Reigate                                                                              RG12/577/82  p43

1891Angelina DewdneyHead43u/m Lodging house keeperRedhillDA138
 Mary Ann Burtmother70widowSt AlbansDM124

Mary Ann Dewdney (DM124) married George Boorman (FreeBMD( Borman) in Reigate PR 23 Jan 1860

At Redhill                                                                                             RG11/799/32  p16

1861George BoormanHead23Railway ClerkCanterbury 
 Mary A Boormanwife19 ReigateDM124
 Florence Boormandau3m Redhill 

In 1871 he was a photographer, George Boorman age 33 at Garland Road Redhill, with his wife and family (RG10/831/117  p29;

also in 1881 age 43 but Mary Ann was missing. (RG11/799/72  p16)

Walter Dewdney DW126, illegit son of Angelina DA138 was recorded as a nursechild with a Caroline Lucock at Reigate, widow and needlewoman; he was still there age 12 as a boarder in 1901.  I have not found him in 1911.  The Dewdney male line of this particular family appears to have died out at about this time.

This Dewdney one-name study is the work of Peter Dewdney and is hosted on Alan Moore's local history website
30th October 2011