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'A History of Redhill' (Volume 1) tells the story of the Surrey town from the days long before it was even a twinkle in it founding fathers' eyes to the end of the 19th century, by which time it had become a thriving town that rivalled and had outgrown its much older close neighbour of Reigate. The book contains more information than has ever been gathered together in one place before, sketching a picture of events that laid the basis of the town as it is today. The book begins by describing the Manor of Reigate as it was before Redhill's appearance in early Victorian times. Through fifteen chapters and more than one hundred and twenty-five pictures and illustrations, the story of Redhill is told, with certain subjects dealt with in full up to the end of the 20th century. How the development of the railway and commercial and social aspects affected the town's development and growth is explained. Other chapters deal with the early road system, industry, buildings, institutions, churches and many others aspects of the early development of the town. The book also takes a long look at the struggle to wrest Redhill and Reigate from the grip of the Lord of the Manor and place the control of people's everyday lives in the hands of an accountable alternative management system that was the forerunner of the modern system of local government we have today.
'A History of Redhill' volume 1 was first published in October of 1999 and is priced at 13.95. It is available from Waterstones at the Belfry, Redhill, or directly from the author (contact author by email).

'A History of Redhill' (Volume 2) provides more information about the early years and continues the story into the 20th century. The years from 1900 to 1925 contained some momentous events, especially the impact on its people of WW1. Each year is dealt with separately as Redhill established its postion within the Borough of Reigate. Chapters deal with Nicol's department store, including the fire that burnt it to the ground in 1901, the controversy surrounding the siting and erection of the Municipal Buildings, the first hundred years of the Surrey Mirror, and information about members of three local families - the Burrages, the Linnells and the Shaws. After a chapter on WW1 there is the story of the protracted deliberations before the memorial to its fallen was finally erected in 1923. The tale of the buses that plied their trade between Reigate and Redhill precedes the final chapter that dealing with the years from 1921 to 1925. More than 200 illustrations enhance the text to make the history full and clear. Volume 2 was published in November 2004 and is priced at 15.95. It is available from Waterstones at the Belfry, Redhill, or directly from the author (contact author by email).

'The History of the Borough of Reigate Fire Brigade' (with Derek Chinery)
The Reigate Fire Brigade was formed in 1809, although there had been various methods employed before that time to fight fires locally. This book traces that history through the years to the formation of a Redhill Brigade and the eventual combining of the two brigades under one Chief Officer. The transition from manual pumps to motorisation and much more is dealt with. The story continues into the modern era, detailing the changes made at the beginning of WW1 and finishing with its being taken into county control and its resiting at St Davids. Many of the personnel are dealt with individually, there is a history of the Legg family of firemen from Reigate and many of the fires in the Borough from the 19c on are detailed. Many illustrations enrich the text. It may be obtained from Alan Conway at the stores, Surrey Fire Rescue HQ, St Davids, 70 Wray Park Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0EJ. (Tel: 01737 242444 and ask for stores) at 10.50 inc p&p.


'The School on the Common - The History of St John's School'

Published September 2006 it is available from St John's St John's School, price 10, during normal school hours. Twelve chapters and numerous pictures tell the story of the school from its conception in the early 1840s to the present day. All proceeds from sales go directly to the school.

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