BOOKS by Alan Moore
'A History of Redhill' (Volume 1)
written by Alan Moore, tells the story of the Surrey town from its beginning to the end of the 19th century when it had become a thriving town that rivalled and had outgrown its much older close neighbour of Reigate. The book contains more information than has been gathered together in one place before, sketching a picture of events that laid the basis of the town as it is today.
 A History of Redhill' (Volume 2)
by Alan Moore, provides more information about the early years and continues the story from 1900 to 1925, a period that contained some momentous events, especially the impact on its people of WW1.
Priced at 13.95 & 15.95 these books are available from Waterstones at the Belfry, Redhill, or from the author (email author)
Other books by Alan Moore - The History of the Borough of Reigate Fire Brigade - The History of St John's School,
A History of Redhill volume 3 due Summer 2013
It's in its final stages and more information will be posted as publication date approaches
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..................,,Section 1...............................REDHILL
 London Road, Redhill in days gone by
A journey through Redhill's past in pictures and text
 The High Street in days gone by
A journey through Redhill's past in pictures and text
 Station Road in days gone by
A journey through Redhill's past in pictures and text
 Acts appearing at The Market Hall
Do you have any information to add?
 Redhill Common
Its history, the restored view and much more
Its history at Redhill
 Public Houses of Redhill
All there have been
 The Philanthropic Society
A Redhill Institution
 The King George V Jubilee1935
Events in Redhill and Reigate
 St John's Church
History and pictures
 St John's School
History and pictures
 John Linnell, a Redhill Artist
His work and family
 St Anne's
Once Redhill's most oustanding landmark
 Joseph Dakin
Another Redhill artist
 St Anne's pupils and staff during WW1
Photos from the Perry family album
 Eliza Cook and Mill Street
A Victorian poetess
Stories of Redhiil objects far from home.
 The Police Orphanage in London Road
History, pictures, reminiscences
 Hillsbrow School
From the 1920s to the 1990s
 Ivy Burton's Redhill School of Dancing
It's principal and pupils
 A Certain Grave at Redhill Cemetery
A mystery unsolved
 The Origins of Redhill Railway Station
By Peter Manning
 The Roundabout on Earlswood Common
Houses that are no longer there
 Oakwood House, Redstone Hill
A History by Don Burgess
 The Redhill Town Band
Pictures, names and questions
 > (Under construction)
Shop closures versus new development 2013 - 2018
 ................Section 2................................REIGATE 
 South of the Town *
Pictures of Reigate in Days Gone By
 Bell Street *
Pictures of the town in Days Gone By
 Market Place & Old Town Hall *
Pictures of Reigate in Days Gone By
 Chart Lane *
More pictures of Reigate in Days Gone By
 High Street
Pictures of Reigate in Days Gone By
 The Priory
Pictures of the Priory and info on its owners
 Lady Somerset, Frances Willard and Duxhurst
A Reigate Dynasty and the Temprerance Movement
 Public Houses of Reigate
All that there have been
 The Sad Story of Charlie Fuller
A shortlived Reigate trader
 The crash of a Flying Fortress on Reigate Hill in 1945
And the 2002 memorial to its crew
 Reigate Grammar School
Staff and pupils 1946
 Reigate School of Art and Design in Blackborough Road
By Philip Lasky
 The Stonehouse
Home of the Mordan and other families of Reigate
 ...............Section 3.................... REDHILL AND REIGATE 
 Mayors of the Borough
All that there have been.
 People of 1887
Pictures & profiles from Queen Victoria's Jubilee year
 Maltsters, Blacksmiths,Whitesmiths
of Redhill and Reigate
 The Home Guard
WW2 local units
 Cartes de visite and Cabernet Cards by local photographers
Victorian photos of people of Redhill and Reigate
 The Jack Streeter Band
A local dance band playing from the 1920s - 1950s
 The Borough Police Force
History and archive photos
 Redhill and Reigate Life
Local History articles published 2004-2005
 Can You Help?
Unknown people, places and events
 Redhill and Reigate Life
Local history articles published 2006
 Redhill, Reigate and Area
Photos and information that do not appear elsewhere
 Other web sites
Links to additional sites of interest
 Contacts page
Where ex- local people get in touch with old friends
 The History of the Telephone Service
in Redhill, Reigate and area
 The Photos of Victor Izard (Identifications required)
1950s pictures by a local photographer.
 The Olympic Torch Relay
In Redhill and Reigate
 .. ..........Section 4 ............FAMILIES OF REDHILL and REIGATE 
 The Jupp Family of Redhill
A local family from Linkfield Street
 The Pook Family
Information required
 The Hull Family
Of The Mount, Pendleton Road, Redhill
 The Jinks Family of Redhill
Connection with St John's School
 The Thorndale Family
Information from Steve Thorndale
 The Shaw Family
Gave its name to Shaws Corner, Redhill
Phllis & Sydney Matthewman & Elinor Brent-Dyer
 The Henderson / Chattington family
Also Dawes, James, Cooling, Ronald, Skingley, Wells and Woods
 The Wright Family of Redhill
From Redhill to Jersey
 The Fueggle Family
Of Reigate and Redhill
 The Burtenshaw Family
Coach builders of Reigate
 The King Family
An early connection with Reigate police force
 The Mordan Family at The Stonehouse
A well known Victorian family in Reigate
 The Tanner Family
Jewellers, watch and clockmakers of Station Road, Redhill
 The Laker Family of Redhill
The Railway Hotel, Redstone Hill
 The Hill Family
Information required
 The Palmer Family of Reigate
Bessie Palmer's postcards
 The Burrage Family of Redhill
A family of writers
 The Trower Family - Farmers, Corn Merchants,
Brickmakers and gentlemen of Wiggie
 The Linter Family
And its business in London Road, Redhill
 The Dewdney Family
A Study by Peter D Dewdney
 .................Section 5. ......... REMINISCENCES of LOCAL PEOPLE 
 Surrey Schooldays by Raymond Fry - 1938-1945.
An account of the war through a boy's eyes
 A Meadvale Boyhood by Jack Moore - 1906-1914
Life as seen before WW1
 My Life so far by Charlie Holloway
Memories of a good life 1927-
 Twenty-Two Years in the Fire brigade 1939-1961 by Jack Moore
London, Reigate, Redhill, Oxted, Banstead
 Redhill in the Inter-war years by Kathleen Knight
High Street, shops and people 1918-1939
 Redhill Tannery 1934-62 - From Cow Hide to Leather
As told by Mr Sidney Harvey
 Boyhood in Redhill by David Young, Pennsylvania, USA
Living at the White Lion, Linkfield Streeet, 1941-50
 Redhill in the mid-1850s The Recollections of Mr T.R.Hooper
Life more than 150 years ago
 The Reminiscences of Mr and Mrs McMillen
 Redhill Police Station in the 1960s
By Dave Vigar
 Jimmy Bridger
Redhill and Reigate shopkeeper for more than 50 years
 John Roberts
Redhill shopkeeper for more than 50 years
 ..................Section 6...................MY OWN FAMILY HISTORY...................... 
 Our Family - The Browns
Family photos and trees of the Brown family in Northern England
 My connection with Wimbish, Essex
The Barkers of Essex family from the 1780s plus much more about Wimbish and its people
 My Grandmother's Photo Album
People fron the Piddock and Griffth family of South London
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Joseph Dakin Redhill artist (section 1) New paintings added October 2012
People at St Anne's 1913-18 (section1) Never before seen pictures of boys, girls and staff at St Anne's November 2011
The Dewdney Family (section 4) A major one-name study by Peter Dewdney October 2011
Oakwood House, Redstone Hill (section 1) A History by Don Burgess August 2011
The Roundabout on Earlswood Common (section 1) Houses that are no longer there August 2011
The Burrage Family of Redhill (section 4) a family of authors June 2011
The Palmer family of Reigate (section 4) Bessie Palmer's postcards June 2011
The Hill Family of Reigate (section 4) INFORMATION WANTED
The reminiscences of John Roberts (section 4) shopkeeper at Redhill for 50 years+ Jan 2011
The Reminiscences of Jimmy Bridger (section 4) shopkeeper Redhill and Reigate for 50 years+
The Tanner Family (section 4) Jewellers, clock and watchmakers, Station Road, Redhill
Philanthropic Society History (section1) Picture of Gurney's House added July 2013
Cartes-de-Visite CDVs (section 3) - More photos added July 2013
My Connection with Wimbish, Essex (My Family History section 5) Two new photos added July 2013
Philanthropic Society History (section1) Information about the demolitionof the chapel added June 2013
Pubs of Redhill (section 1) update to Elm Sdes (now The Pendleton) added July 2013
Mayors of the Borough (section 3) Mayor for 2013-14 added July 2013
Cartes-de-Visite CDVs (section 3) - More photos and considerable information added May 2013
Philanthropic Society History (section1) Considerable information about the graveyard added May 2013
Pubs of Redhill (section 1) update to Junction at Redhill (see Firlot and Firkin) added April 2013
Cartes-de-Visite CDVs (section 3) - More photos and considerable information added April 2013
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Mayors of the Borough (section 3) Information on Mayor John Seex revised March 2013
Trower Family (section 4) Iformation about Wiggie House 1939-41 added at the end of the page March 2013
Reigate High Street (section 2) Photos and profile of George Carter Morrison added March 2013
My Connection with Wimbish, Essex (My Family History section 5) Text andcomment from ex-Wimbish resident Arthur added March 2013
Cartes-de-Visite CDVs (section 3) - More photos added
Station Rd East (section 1) Photo of the Odeon in June 1973 added Jan 2013
The Fueggle Family Of Reigate and Redhill New information added December 2012
Contacts page (section 3) New contact seeking old friends added December 2012
St Anne's (section 1) Additional photos from 1908 December 2012
Station Rd East (section 1) Additional Odeon projection room photo added Nov 2012
Philanthropic Farm School (section1) Photos and text re the c1908 model village added. Nov 2012
St. John's School (section 1) early picture of Mr Weeds added and text updated Nov 2012
Trower Family (section 4) Updated and 3 missing pictures reinstated October 2012
Police (section 3) Updated and 3 new photos added October 2012
Station Road in days gone by (section1) Two photos showing signal box (now demolished) in 1981 Sept 2012
Philanthropic Society History (section1) New photos added, existing enlarged explored, page expanded Aug 2012
Station Road (section1) Eighteen photos taken inside the old Oden in 2011 added August 2012
Market Hall Acts (section1) Yet more artists added for the whole of the first half of 1965 August 2012
Cartes-de-Visite CDVs (section 3) - Nine more photos added July 2012
My Connection with Wimbish, Essex (My Family History section 5) 1934 Taylor's steamroller photo and 1960 traction engine frally details July 2012
Joseph Dakin Redhill artist (section 1) New paintings added April 2012
Market Hall Acts (section1) More artists added June 2012
Public Houses of Reigate (section 2) The Priory and the Panther closed March 2012
Home Guard (section 3) New photos and certificated added Jan 2012
The Palmer family of Reigate (section 4) two 1913 pictures+ 1 1916 picture added January 2012
Joseph Dakin Redhill artist (section 1) Details from Reigate grave plus census information added Dec 2011
Reigate High Street (Section 2) Red Cross building demolition photos added + page corrections Aug 2011
My Connection with Wimbish, Essex (My Family History section 5) Coe family photos added Aug 2011
London Road (section 1) New photos added Aug 2011
Philanthropic Society History Photo of Princes House added Aug 2011
Pubs of Redhill (section 1) 1914 postcard written by publican added to Dragon section Aug 2011
Pubs of Redhill (section 1) Further information re Mr Walter Ward added to Dragon section August 2011
Redhill High Street (section 1) Pictures added, pictures enlarged, format standardised July 2011
Bell Street (section 2) Photos of Burtenshaw showrooms added July 2011
Burtenshaw Family (section 4) Eight new photos added and text reworked July 2011
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Mayors of the Borough (section 3) New photo of Mayor Salisbury added July 2011
Pubs of Redhill (section 1) Information re Mr Walter Ward added to Dragon section July 2011
Market Hall Acts (section1) flyer for 1963 added + acts for Sept that year listed July 2011
My Connection with Wimbish (section 6) Reminscences of Mr Jim Acker added July 2011
Homeguard (section 3) Information re Lt. and Mrs Dewar added July 2011
Mayors of the Borough (section 3) 90th Mayor Councillor Stead added June 2011
Pubs of Redhill (section 1) 1948 and 1954 photos of the Locomotive pub added May 2011
Pubs of Redhill (section 1) revised and laid out in an easier to read manner May 2011
Redhill Provincial Police Orphanage (section 1) List of pupils added May 2011
Cartes-de-Visite CDVs (section 3) - more photos added plus a receipt and an enigma
My Connection with Wimbish, Essex (My Family History section 5) Many new photos and additions January 2011
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